Many of us have “rich outer lives.”

This usually includes a good career, a vibrant social circle, and many productive hobbies…

Yet, this isn’t enough for a fulfilling life.

Your inner world matters too. You’ve got to explore it, take care of it, and use it to orient your life!

This is something we’ll look at today. Below are “5 tips” on developing a richer inner world.

Explore the list, pick what you like, and enjoy a sense of serenity!

#1 – Watch Documentaries.

Documentaries are well-structured wikis.

But they differ in a few ways. First, they’re “more visual.” And this lets you absorb the information better…

And second, they’re interesting. They don’t contain too much unnecessary detail.

They provide the relevant info. And the best documentaries balance the details and the “storyline progression.”

How They Enrich Your Inner World.

Documentaries are like intellectual sculptures.

They give you fine-tuned but deep ideas. And they hook you in with excellent directing and motion editing!

For people who lack an inner life – documentaries are an excellent starting point.

And who knows, they might spark your interest in fields you never knew about before!

#2 – Start Reading.

Nothing sparks your imagination like text.

After all, there’s nothing to look at but words. And to give those words life, you need to visualize as you read…

Now – you don’t have to pick something complex. Just go with what suits your interests.


Maybe you like history. If so, start reading on recent events, whether they be “amazing achievements” or “catastrophic disasters”.

It’s food for thought.

History makes you ask questions. You begin to look more into the humanity’s nature, motivations, and patterns of behavior.

It makes you more speculative – thus enriching your inner world!

#3 – Start Reading “General Knowledge.”

OK – maybe reading books and documentaries are too much.

That’s understandable, and there’s no shame in that. If that’s your situation, then you can start somewhere else…

You can be someone that collects “general knowledge.”

The Benefits.

It gives you a holistic view of the world.

And you don’t need to specialize. That is, you don’t the intricate “high resolution” details of a topic.

But it’s a good starting point. It’s something that expands the narrowness of some thought patterns!

How Do I Apply That?

You need a place that supplies unique lists of information.

Something like a “top 5/10” article can do. Many information centers orient themselves around that style (like UtopTens).

#4 – Get into Visual Arts.

Don’t like collecting information? No worries.

Maybe logic, stats, facts, and lists don’t enrich your inner life. Maybe you need something more “artistic” than “structured.”

If so – get into visual arts.

Start looking at awesome graphic works, and use them as inspiration. Learn to read the possible meanings in artwork.

It could be anything – from painting, to poetry.

Those art forms stimulate your visual capacity more than lingual. And they supply ideas you can apply in your own art!

#5 – You Need Privacy.

This is possibly the most important tip on our list.

Privacy equals focus. And you can’t enrich your inner world if you’re constantly distracted by outer stimuli…

So you need that space away from others.

How Do I Achieve That?

Maybe you have an extra room at home for that?

If you don’t, you can organize a time of the day that’s quiet. It could be late night, or very early in the morning.

Use that to apply the previous tips.

And if you really can’t find space, then try to fund one. That might be a private office, a garage expansion, or a small car!