Nearly everyone is taught in grade school to consider their professional trajectory, and the proactive choices we must make in order to secure this destiny. From an early age, we understand the importance of passionately pursuing a career that will result in the ultimate professional jackpot; steady wealth, personal satisfaction, and continued motivation. From studying, to attending University, to ongoing professional development well into a curated career, we are reminded about the benefits of professional self-betterment, and the subsequent positive impact of such endeavors. However, often forgotten, the transformative power of philanthropic involvement is a passion that requires equal fostering, providing personal satisfaction, belonging within the world, a sense of purpose, and a confidence in creating tangible change within a certain arena. While sometimes overshadowed by a motivated professional journey, the act of exploring philanthropic passions can be led simultaneously, and work in conjunction with professional endeavors.

            Find What Moves You

            With over twenty five years within the financial sector, and a professional career in Finance that began immediately post-matriculation, I honed in on my professional passions from an early age. Interested in the stock markets, financial products, and investments since my university  days, I pursued a formal education that explored these initial interests, and aligned myself with an entry-level professional involvement in this field of interest. From there, my professional trajectory was cemented, and though I garnered various positions with different leading financial institutions, I remained involved in the financial sector throughout the entirety of my professional trajectory.

            In terms of philanthropic engagement, however, I recognized initial interests, but did not parlay them into fruitful philanthropic engagements until further within my life. Interested in ocean life since childhood, I have dedicated every available opportunity toward sailing, exploring and learning about the ocean’s vast ecosystem, and enjoying the water. Throughout a transition period within my professional endeavors, my family spent over a month at sea, exploring the coasts, oceanside towns, and local marine life. Amazed by the breadth of native sea life, and the ongoing crises faced by many species, I decided then that I wanted to proactively pursue ocean conservation efforts.

            Philanthropic Endeavors Coexist With Professional Responsibilities

            In my own experience, pivoting my professional endeavors ever so slightly allowed me the freedom to pursue my philanthropic passions on a robust level. With over twenty years of experience within capitalmarkets, I transitioned into the realm of asset management, which has allowed me the freedom to dedicate more time toward my philanthropic passions, which ultimately led to my participation in projects like “Call of the Blue” and “Ocean Souls”, as well as my garnering a Non-Executive Board seat for The Uproar. In essence, I have parlayed my desire to succeed within both endeavors, and have created the opportunity to pursue a fruitful professional career, as well as a fulfilling philanthropic venture.

            For individuals who are exploring participation within philanthropic arenas, confidence in literally making time for all responsibilities is crucial. Many forward-thinking employers are fostering the spirit of “giving back”, and even offering company-wide incentives that support group participation within various organizations. In addition to these at-work incentives, many philanthropic organizations understand the time limitations of professionals, and provide flexible ways to create tangible change, and offer participation. With newly forming philanthropic platforms powered by technological advancements, the opportunity for remote philanthropy allows professionals to dedicate precious time to meaningful organizations, without having to sacrifice other endeavors.

            Utilize Newly Burgeoning Platforms

            Through the use of social media, many philanthropic organizations can foster actionable change via multimedia applications, fundraising, and calls to action. Thus, participating within these fully modernized means of philanthropy can be a fantastic way for even the most time-crunched professionals to partake in meaningful actions that generate real-time movement. Leveraging the power of media, globalization, and real-time communication, actions can be generated with tangible results from remote locations, and at any time.

            Throughout my involvement with The Uproar, a not-for-profit multimedia organization that aims to provide funding for the creation of modern multimedia projects to be disseminated via media platforms, urging for actionable change, I have recognized the vast efficacy of this new form of guerilla philanthropy. In a globalized world that relies on real-time communication, and values aesthetically driven communication, philanthropic social media campaigns can be seen as the most effective and modern tools for gaining philanthropic success. In partaking within this tech-driven application of philanthropy, I have been able to pursue my passion for ocean conservation in an effective manner, one that I may not have previously considered, and one that is undoubtedly the most effective and modernized version of philanthropy for the Golden Age of Technology.

            By exploring non-traditional means of philanthropic involvement, from email campaigns to digital content creation, professionals with certain geographical or time limitations can create tangible change through modern channels. From spreading awareness of a particular topic via the creation of YouTube videos, to urging local officials to spearhead change via email writing campaigns, newly burgeoning methods of philanthropic intervention offer swift, meaningful, and forward-thinking solutions to interested parties.

Collaborate On Large-Scale Projects

            Within my involvement with “Call of the Blue” by Philip Hamilton, an informative and aesthetically beautiful book dedicated to spearheading ocean conservation movements through informational text combined with moving imagery, I collaborated with hundreds of industry professionals, Biologists, underwater photographers, publishers and other integral professionals. Through each individual’s involvement, a crucial contribution was made toward the goal of creating this tangible product. Independently, each contributor’s quest for ocean conservation was similar, but as individuals, this grand goal may not have come to fruition without the collaborative work of the entire team. Lending particular talents, each member of the team dedicated their efforts toward the overall picture, and in turn, a transformative project was successfully completed, well received, and instrumental in serving the grand purpose of educating the masses.

            In this case, collaboration between individuals was instrument in pulling off the project successfully, and amounting to a tangible effort. Throughout many large-scale philanthropic projects, one can lend a hand within a bespoke aspect, such as organizing entertainment for a fundraiser, or writing code for a conservation website. Skill sets perfected through professional endeavors can be applied within philanthropic ventures, and together, talented individuals can create a large-scale movement. By finding ways to contribute to larger projects, one can feel personally fulfilled, useful, and involved within the scope of a philanthropic venture.

            By implementing a few key practices, individuals who are fueled by the desire to pursue philanthropic ventures can successfully partake in meaningful measures that work cohesively with their everyday obligations. With an open mind, and a desire to engage in philanthropic activity, individuals can find meaningful applications that will fuel philanthropic passions.

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  • Clement Perrette

    Call of the Blue

    World renowned ocean conservationist Clément Perrette has participated in various meaningful philanthropic efforts, and continues to leverage his extensive professional experience to raise funds for his passionate cause. Driven by the desire to raise awareness of the vast atrocities being committed on a global scale, which amount to dwindling marine life populations, increased ocean pollution, and the poaching of various crucial species, Perrette devotes extensive efforts to gain surmountable change.   As a co-producer on 2018’s release of “Call Of The Blue”, Perrette worked collaboratively with over fifty scientists, and biologists, developing informational content for the moving book. Combined with the beauty of over three hundred photographs, showcasing the life beyond the darkest depths of the ocean, “Call Of The Blue” aimed to educate the general public, and inspire actionable changes that will positively impact the ocean conservation movement. Working alongside ocean photographer and philanthropist Philip Hamilton, Perrette’s endeavor has been well received, and there is now consideration for a second edition.   Notably, Perrette has also collaborated with Philip Hamilton, and a team of devoted individuals, to work as an Executive Producer on the film “Ocean Souls”. Aimed at exploring the intellectual capacities of whales and dolphins, the film delves into the ways in which the fascinating creatures interact in a complex manner, and develop social attributes similar to humankind. By drawing this parallel in an aesthetically beautiful manner, the team behind “Ocean Souls” aims to increase educational efforts, develop a sense of empathy for these “mysterious” creatures, and propel action to stop the poaching of whales, and dolphins alike.   Working with Uproar Global Media, a digital media company aimed at creating engaging media content to propel actionable effects via online sharing, Perrette is now involved in becoming a non-executive Board Member for the company. Uproar Global Media, which partners with their non-profit sister company, The Uproar Fund, works to bridge the gap between modern digital media, and conservation success.   Throughout his philanthropic efforts, Perrette calls upon his vast network of professional resources, and parlays previously perfected skills, gained over twenty five plus years of leadership within the finance sector. Armed with a Master of Finance degree from the prestigious HEC Paris, Perrette’s early work included the notably successful implementation of STRIPs throughout Europe. With extensive leadership experience within multiple global companies, including Worms & Cie, Deutsche Bank Paris, and Barclays Paris, Perrette has amassed vast experience within the financial sector.   As of February 2016, Perrette has changed the course of his professional endeavors, entering the field of asset management, via Geneva’s RAM Active Investments. As the company’s Senior Fund Manager, Perrette has successfully grown the company’s fixed fund assets, and has continued to succeed within the sector.