The University of the District of Columbia (UDC) television studios, UDCtv, provides the Washington, DC area with programming geared to foster health, political and environmental awareness.  Dr. Katherine Marshall Woods hosts this UDCtv show entitled “A Healthy Mind” featuring guests from a myriad of professions lending information to promote healthy living and lifestyles.  These entries entitled: “A Healthy Mind” share these interviews.

Photo by: Clark Tibbs

On August 5th, 2020, Marvin Chambers was invited onto the show to share his expertise regarding Executive and Leadership Coaching.  Marvin Chambers, MBA, ACC, CPC, ELI-MP is a seasoned Executive Coach, Leadership and Talent Strategist, Global Speaker, HR Advisor, and author of the book Your Manifesto for Growth.

Dr. Marshall Woods: “Hello.  My name is Dr. Katherine Marshall Woods and your host for this episode of A Healthy Mind.  The purpose of this show is to educate the public regarding mental health, from social policies and emotional disorders that effect healthy minds.”

“Do you ever feel that you have personal gifts, but struggle to use your abilities in a way that serves you and others best?  Or are you a person that questions what you have to offer?  How do you gain the answers that are inside you to help become the best version of yourself?” With me today is Mr. Marvin Chambers, an executive and leadership coach and owner of Marvin Chambers Coaching.  Please welcome Mr. Marvin Chambers.”

“How are you today?”

Marvin Chambers:  “I am great.  Thanks for having me.”

Dr. Marshall Woods: “So tell us a little bit about what coaching is.”

Marvin Chambers: “Great question. Coaching is simple but it’s complicated.  What it really boils down to is the process of getting the most and best out of you. The premise behind is that each and everyone of us really knows what we want and we know how to get it.  So, what a coach does is help bring that out of you; primarily through questions, sometimes through different tools, exercises and techniques; but it’s really all about helping you understand what you want and then bring the best out of you so that you can go get it.” 

Dr. Marshall Woods:  “Now, is there a difference between someone who says, ‘I’m a coach’ and someone who focuses on executive and leadership coaching in particular?”

Marvin Chambers: “There is from the standpoint of it’s a different focus. So, coaching generally is really about that process of bringing the best out of you whatever your goals are. And, there are different genres in which people come; some people focus just on careers, some on just your general life practices, some on your spirituality. I happen to focus on executive and leaders in particular and helping them get to their goals, dreams and aspirations.”

Dr. Marshall Woods: “I know you do a lot of work with executives. Can you tell us a little more about your professional self and your experiences?”

Marvin Chambers: “Well, for me, I am a long time HR executive.  I’ve worked with such companies as the Coco Cola company, WR Grays, AT&T, NCR, etc. And, so I had a very long and industrious career as an HR executive. And over the last few years started to say how can I use those tools and take a lot of my learnings and apply them to leaders, in a more independent way; where I would have more freedom to kind of help them express themselves, whether their hopes, their dreams, their desires, their talents and helping them bring the best out of them whether in their workspace, in their communities or in their homes.

Dr. Marshall Woods:  “So, you said that you work with individuals and may ask them questions.  What sort of questions might you ask to help people discover the best part of themselves?”

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