You have probably heard of many success stories of how people rose to fame and riches. And one common factor among the majority of successful people is that success does not come easy. The success story for Malacka Reed El is not a different one. This woman overcame insurmountable adversity to rise to success as a businesswoman, motivational speaker, and author. 

In her early life, Malacka faced staggering difficulties. Her mother sold drugs and she lived around poverty and violence. Being a mother at a very tender age of 15, she grew up under much pressure. However, through her mother’s support, this woman was determined to succeed in her life. Being a young mother, Malacka was motivated to provide for herself and her child. 

The Challenges

Malacka recalls how she was raped at the age of 14. Some of the routes she took were also not positive. She even thought of selling sex for money. She was lost and a broken person, and she did not know who she was. 

For about three years, Malacka lived a life she wasn’t proud of. However, she credits her past to the person she is today. All that she went through taught her to be a better person. She had an internal fire and energy that always drew people to her. She used this energy in speaking and reading competitions throughout the city. 

You Can Overcome Anything

The negativity in Malacka’s life was immense. But slowly, she started coping with it. Finally, someone approached her and gave her some advice that became her life’s turning point. 

Malacka began to write her book about her life entitled, I’m Ready For My Close Up.” She wanted to motivate others with similar backgrounds and obstacles. Fortunately, this book sold out in 20 MINUTES on and several media outlets, including Ebony Magazine, Bleu Magazine, and NexxLegacy Radio. 

Going Beyond

Malacka started selling her cosmetic line of makeup. Though she doesn’t do makeup at the moment, she is a licensed makeup artist. She stepped away from makeup when she started making a lot of money selling clothes. After that, it was effortless for her to sell clothes. 

Malacka launched her cosmetic line of makeup. She then went ahead and had her store in Baltimore. This woman has been disrupting the cosmetic industry for the last twelve years. She was in the makeup business for about six years before transitioning to an online clothing boutique. When launching her makeup business, she could go to laboratories that make the makeup. All you need to do is figure out which of those laboratories. Malacka drove to Canada on the same day the US received its first black president. She wanted to meet with these labs, and they figured out the cosmetic line. She wanted her pigmentation and things of that nature. She brought it back, and there she started selling it. 

Success Does Not Just Happen

Today Malacka is the CEO of Skai Ryan Cosmetics and Beau Boutique MUA located at Security Square Mall! She fulfilled her passion by becoming a makeup artist. Malacka also owns a showroom in Los Angeles which is popularly known as Malackas Showroom. It is a trendsetting Women’s clothing store. They offer their first-rate products and exceptional customer service to shoppers from the comfort of their own homes.

Malacka is a motivational speaker who speaks everywhere, wherever she is hired. This visionary woman is also an influencer and a host in big shows and concerts. Why? Because of her influence and popularity. Malacka is also a consultant who helps people set up their business and teaches them how to set up an online clothing boutique business and make it successful. She also teaches how to draw people to your Instagram page and help them with vendors in all of it. Malacka has her cosmetic line of makeup. Her success is something that motivates many people. 

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