Spending time with your family is so important because it strengthens bonds with each other and creates memories you will never forget. One of the best ways to spend time with each other is simply by doing fun activities outside. Going outside in the fresh air and sunshine is great for the whole family to enjoy. Here are some fun outdoor activities to do as a family:

Go For a Walk

Not only is this a completely free activity, but it is also an excellent opportunity to talk more with your family. Take the time to ask them about their school, friends, hobbies, or anything else that interests them. You can take a walk around the block or head to a trail nearby. This is also a great way to get in more exercise as a family and can encourage a healthier lifestyle. You can easily take a walk after dinner or make a day out of it as well. It’s amazing the topics of conversation that come up with kids when there aren’t the distractions of being inside, screens, phones, or chores.

Go For a Ride

Riding with family, like walking, is great bonding. At first, it’s good to do it on footpaths and then get to cyclepaths to build up each of your skills and also to bit by bit learn how you ride together and communicate with each other. Like walking, it’s amazing the conversations that will arise with your family. The beauty of cycling with your family is the different places you can see. You can do an offroad trail and explore the bush. You can ride around a harbour, lake, river or parkland – chatting about the wildlife, views, houses and architecture. Of course, you don’t have to ride all the time, there will be plenty of playgrounds to stop at and explore and many times there are great trees which are just beckoning your kids to stop, get off their bikes and climb. Consider making cycling a regular family adventure and build lifetime memories with your kids!

Have a Picnic

Enjoy the next sunny day with your family by having a picnic. You and your kids can prepare the food together in the morning. Choose foods you all love and have them help pack everything you need for the picnic. Then you all can spend the day in the park enjoying each other’s company. Picnics can also be an opportunity to play games, try out new recipes, and find new parks around your neighbourhood. 

Water Balloon Fight

You and your kids can do this in the backyard or even at the nearby park. Grab a large bucket and a bunch of balloons to fill with water. You can make your own rules with this kind of activity or even make it into a hide-and-seek game. This will also get your family moving and exercising without even realising it. Of course, I strongly recommend you do this in the warmer months. Your kids will love starting a water balloon fight at any time of year, but after a short while in Winter, you’ll have a bunch of blue, shivering and miserable kids.

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