Winning, Thinking, and Transitioning.

The day Jay Gauthier was introduced to entrepreneurship was the day his life changed. Having always been stuck in between not being poor, but not having enough to get ahead in life, he knew he wanted more for himself.  

Today, Jay now runs a team of entrepreneurs that he coaches in the financial services industry. He teaches people how to go from employees to business owners, while also coaching them in the fundamentals of winning, thinking, and transitioning from what may be a full-time career as an employee to eventually a full-time career as an entrepreneur. 

Growing up, Jay never knew what he wanted to do with his career because he never really enjoyed school. He looked at the many options he had, and even considered being an attorney at one point.

“I always wanted to do something great and be a part of something that I could be proud of, but I hated the thought of having to go to school for years in order to have a career,” he shares. 

Coming out of high school, Jay made the decision to become a firefighter. He decided to enroll at UCLA to complete his medic schooling, and then got hired on an ambulance.

“I put in the required time on an ambulance before I got into the fire Academy and then completed that process. I thought it was what I would do forever, and then I got introduced to entrepreneurship. It changed my life the day I found a mentor,” he emphasizes.

Jay went full force into the business world at 21 years old with zero entrepreneur experience, but he had a coach to guide him through the process. This, he believes is the most underrated secret to success.

Jay never bought into the traditional way of doing things. Having seen both of his parents go to school and further their education in college, but then still struggle their entire lives financially, he knew there had to be another way.

“My mom has two masters degrees and still couldn’t get ahead financially. I‘ve always loved expensive things and spending money, so when I found entrepreneurship and the ability to build a company of your own and win at the highest levels, I never looked back. Sometimes what you’re looking for finds you before you ever find it,” he says. 

Over the last 8 years in business, Jay has had to overcome many challenges. Having started his own business at just twenty-one years old, he didn’t have any experience in business ownership or entrepreneurship. The biggest obstacle was himself.

“We had to grow and get better. We had to do a lot of improving. We had to spend a lot of time auditing ourselves and making sure that we deserved to win. I believe that if you do things right and you respect people and you lead with your heart, God will do the rest in His timing,” he shares. 

From his own experience, Jay knows that people struggle with the fact that entrepreneurship and starting a business requires a completely different mindset than being a successful employee does. 

“As an employee, you get paid to show up. It’s pretty much that simple. As an employee, they pay the position not the person. This means that if you show up to work you’re pretty much guaranteed a paycheck. The problem is when people take that mentality into business where you do not get paid just to show up. Business requires results. Business pays to get the job done. So teaching someone how to shift their thinking from employee to entrepreneur is usually where people struggle the most. We are trained in a sense to be robots as employees. Business requires mental toughness, patience, long term focus, and innovation,” he says.

For Jay, mindset is everything. He believes most people struggling don’t have skill set problems, they have mindset problems. They don’t know how to think, or haven’t been taught.

“The same way that children are a product of their environment, adults are as well. If you don’t grow up in a winning environment, you get stuck by default,” he stresses.

His advice to those looking to start their own business is to find a mentor. Jay stresses the importance of finding someone who’s already made it and have them teach you how they did it. He assures us that this is the fastest way to the top.

Jay is revolutionizing the standard of success in the financial world. Traditionally, the money industry has always been occupied by professionals over 50 years old.

“In today’s world, technology and social media have changed the game. Middle America is now being served and catered to from a financial education standpoint in a way that it never has before. That’s been made possible by taking everyday ordinary people and putting them in a position to go serve everyday ordinary people like themselves,” he shares. 

His focus at the moment is to continue expanding his company.

“We are doing a lot of interviewing and looking for talent. Every great company was built on talent. We are expanding into all 50 states as well as looking to grow in Canada,” he says. 

Jay Gauthier has been taking over the financial industry by storm. Looking to take full-time employers and turn them into full-time entrepreneurs, he has been successfully coaching people on how to win at life. Jay believes that the movement of entrepreneurship is exactly what this country needs in order for Middle America to thrive, and he is prepared to do everything in his power to make sure this happens.


  • Sofia Vargas

    Senior Associate

    Now Strategies Group

    Sofia Vargas is a senior associate at Now Strategies Group, a hybrid PR agency. Their diverse client base include top class entrepreneurs, public figures, influencers, and celebrities.