Chief Ranked Equity, Inclusion and Diversity Officer of Switzerland’s IMD Business School, Josefine Van Zanten states, ‘the person in the mirror owns the change,’ a reflective strong referral dedicated towards today’s incorrect misuse and an unacceptable lack of diversity, equity and inclusivity shown within the modern, global workforce. 

Phillip Morris International’s Diversity Chief, Silke Muenster, and The Working Assembly’s Founder and Head Of Creative, Jolene Delisle concur. 

Leadership Coach and Speaker, Sarah Perugia, Diversity Consultant and Busy Wife Busy Life’s Founder, Sherita Rankins, as well as Collective DEI’s Founder and CEO, Kellie Wagner proudly contribute. 

Wellness’s subject graces an informative Thursday afternoon, welcoming the productivity of an openly necessary, constructive conversation displayed upon BlogHer’s and SheMedia’s uniquely shared, joint registered platforms.

Promoting the relevant topic of individualized self care successfully persists towards progressive demonstration of fellow coworkers and company wide staff members.

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