By the careful grace of her non chosen 

wings, ‘she touched the world.’ A heavenly presence on earth sparkles to the equal 

gain of her glistening, oceanic turquoise, 

cerulean blue eyes. 

Remarkably matching ribbons (gabby’s gift) space throughout 

the intimacy of a small community’s town. Light the night quotes 

the newly darkened path found, gently guided in her honor. 

Butterflies’ slight observance felt in the palm of a soft hand caress to 

the joint remembrance of her catered, calm devoted sprit. Happiness 

aglow, thoughtful wishes commend a youth’s radiant afterlife navigated 


A father’s love for his daughter’s constant, coveted joy encapsulates the 

welcomed circumference of a moment’s formal movement. Plentiful 

resources answer purposes’s keenly encased, month long standing mystery. 

Assembled, clocked miles, like a named Vanessa Carlton song, canvas a 

nation’s abstract captured colors, the representation of a free soul’s ventured 

bound flight, painting a creative artist’s mural. 

The smile of a twenty two year old, widened, magnified, imitated. Simplistic

excitement marvels, illuminating coast to coast. Define your personal 

connection, it doesn’t matter.

Message’s intensity arrives, scaling life’s balance upon the comparative 

friction of a cross country trip embarked. Outdoor braves the elements. 

Destination approaches a candid glimpse of filmed finality, 

Inspired is a technical word grasped on the convenience of an early Sunday 

morning, visibly wiping away the tears from verifiable pain. Floral scents lift 

a solemn mood. The number twenty six naturally coincides.

Sophisticated manners the girl known before, only amplified in blossoming 

love (distantly near and afar). Grown is the healthily matured respect from 

New York’s own golden ray of sunshine. Blissful depicts extraordinary’s worthy 

role model.