As human beings, it’s only normal to desire total bliss at all times. We all want it and we all seek it. Actually, we all need it! We all need to feel overall good about ourselves and our life in general for our overall well-being and for the good of our soul.

The main problem in our search for total bliss is where we are searching and that’s because we sometimes tend to search in all the wrong places. It is when we search at the right place that, even in our most turbulent moments of life, we can still manage to find joy.

If you want to have access to total bliss, know that you have access to this 24/7 and at any moment you desire. The way you have access to this is by going within yourself. It jeopardizes your overall well-being to depend on others and outside things or circumstances for your happiness. That’s because outside things and circumstances are always changing and others have their own things going on, so, it’s impossible for others to constantly make you happy.

So, how can you begin your journey to constant bliss?

#1. Give yourself moments of solitude and start journaling. Consider these moments “me” time. It is important that you start developing a close relationship with yourself. You need this connection with yourself so that you can have a deep understanding of who you are. It is you having this level of understanding of yourself that you will know what you have to do to live life on your terms, which will lead to total bliss. Writing all your thoughts and feelings will help you in this process of getting to know yourself.

#2. Lean into your curiosities. I truly believe that the things we are curious about learning and doing are prompts for our true essence, which is our soul. The more you lean into your curiosities, the more you learn how interesting you are, you start to realize the power you have to create the life and experiences you want and all this empowers you even more. It is also a big boost to your self-esteem, which only adds more bliss to your life.

#3. Take action in favor of what your soul guides you to do. One of the biggest mistakes that we can make is not doing what our soul guides us to do. This is because by us doing this, we are denying ourselves of our own happiness. You have an inner map that knows exactly where you need to be heading and it’s a matter of following it. If your heart is guiding you to do something, do it. It is you taking action in favor of what your soul wants that your life will start unfolding. This is when you see miracles happen but that’s because you keep taking action toward the very things you want.

Bliss is available to you anytime you want. It’s just a matter of going within because it’s through self-discovery that you will have access to that bliss.