Balancing is not supporting! In essence, while balancing is all about your stability, support calls for a second or third party. Can you imagine being in a world that’s controlled by another person’s wants and needs? I’m sure you can picture such a scenario and, indeed, it doesn’t sound fun! In diverse cases of marriage disputes, long-standing relationships, or business partnerships, you’ll often find where the rules and boundaries have been crossed. Meaning impediments and disappointments in how things are functioning have been placed on the back burner. Generally, your personal life communicates a lot about your potential hassles and fortune. Thus, the outcomes depend on how you organize your personal life. My question to you is when do you realize enough is enough, the right move, or rather which level deserves a diversion?

You got it- when the pot is ready to boil over! Unfortunately, in most cases, this is exactly what happens. You try to communicate, and the other person doesn’t listen but caught this … Although they listen, but because of their desires and wants, they don’t give you what you need to grow from the feelings you are experiencing to address the controversy. This is when you have given someone too much power. So I hear you saying, well once that is approached and the door closed. Nope, it’s not because that same behavior is going to the next relationship!

Let’s “fix us” first. What do we desire? How about our wants? Have we even felt we are worth having? Apparently, you may have the education, beauty, income or whatever it takes to build a healthy marriage, friendship, business partnership, but at the end of the day, it’s all about you. It’s your world. You’ve got to make a clear definition of the limits of your deeds, what you can accept to come across your way. You have to recognize your weaknesses and strengths. Once you figure out what that is, then you are almost there. Secondly, you must love yourself and know who you are… This ought to be your primary focus, but it works all together. Nonetheless, you need to find that one person that you can trust and know they will respect you enough to know if they can handle you for all that it’s worth. Now the last step is the easiest because your steps one and two are very explicit. However, you need to learn not to despise any of the steps. It is wise to consider them contemporary lest you compromise yourself!

Yes, I said “you!” If you fail to follow the path of steps 1 and 2 we will then be discussing ways we can pull you back together after being hurt or broken.

Moreover, it calls for practice and commitment to exercise the discussed resolution. It is worth considering the fact that change is a gradual process, but the decision to change is an instant move. Further, the direction of change needs a closer look and assessment. Also, we must recognize and welcome the fact that effecting the change is never comfortable, but there is an enormous comfort in reaping the fruits of a carefully effected change.

Let’s give no room for excuses and tackle what it is we want out of life! Do you want your happy back that is so internal that the next person you come across that’s worth having in your circle would have to search for it? Talking about getting to the drawing table and coming out with a motivating strategy. Let’s start off with a visionary board, but this one will be a little different. This one should cover your mind, body, and soul. When doing this play soft music, clear yourself from distractions, and just go wild and free without any limitations! After you are done, take your upright seat and have three deep breaths. Thus, it is time to write about it (your strategy, your change) and share your thoughts me! It’s essential to connect with your instincts and intuition that’s already inside of you! Healthy Choices equals a Healthy New Year! Mind that resolutions have time limits, never let yours expire, you are the pivot of your lever!

Gaining Balance over your vision is like gaining power over your life!!

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