Julius Wallblom

His story is one for the books. It looks like a movie screenplay and it’s inspiring for all of us. If you watched and loved the movie “Into The Wild”, you should get comfy and read what follows.

Motivation is understandably hard to actually get in the right amounts – especially when you naturally have very little to spare as it is. Gladly, people like Julius Wallblom have managed to cheat the equation for motivation by throwing themselves into the jaws of adventure – which very much helped him regain his once-lost motivation, and is also what has helped him start with his business in the first place!

Motivation Help – Kickstart

During his darker days, Julius had little to no motivation to pursue any for the things he is currently doing – and so he decided it was time to take action and try to help himself. Long story short, he ended up reaching out to multiple people – both family and more specialized personnel, such as the police and the military – and has, in the end, managed to mold himself into a brand new man!

As soon as he reached out, a plan of action was put together for him – one he didn’t know much about except that it was going to happen, whether he liked it or not. Once the plan to regain his motivation was set in motion, there was turning back, and everyone that was actually involved in the whole ordeal was well aware of that fact.

Regaining Yourself – Phases

During the first 3 weeks, Julius was being prepared for the extremes that awaited him in the 4th and final week of his journey to becoming a brand new man. The first two weeks could only be described as physically taxing. In contrast, the 3rd week was both physically taxing AS WELL AS mentally taxing for Julius – which he hadn’t fully expected. Still, the change itself was welcome by the time it had arrived.

Nothing could have fully prepared him for what was up and coming in the 4th week, however! Of course, the entire month in which the program has run was full of travelling to other countries, physical and mental training as well as physical and mental stimulation, and, last but not least, morale training. The 4th week was, in and of itself, the ultimate test of how well those values have stuck to Julius and developed themselves to a good level of intensity.

In the final week, he was left alone in a forest with virtually nothing but less than the bare minimum. This could be considered to be a nightmare for many, but it was a reality for Julius – think of it as a very harsh and very direct reality check.

For most of that week, he was faced with the challenge of surviving an averagely harsh Swedish winter day – which we all know is not at all pleasant to be caught outside in – and the hard circumstances of having little to no resources, except for a knife, and axe, the clothes on his back, a fresh change of clothes and a few other tools.

Eventually, he managed to pull it off, and he was told to march towards a certain location – no looking back was allowed. He eventually came upon a soldier who said that he was to be chased by other soldiers with dogs, to which Julius decided to say “let’s do it.”

In the end, that turned out to be a test of will, and he passed it with flying colours! By the end of the 4 week plan, he was a changed man, and learned to never take things for granted – motivation included.

Julius’ journey has been incredible. In a world where social media plays a predominant role and all its players are thriving on a materialistic and superficial level, stories like Juliu’s ones are a breath of fresh air.

To follow his journey head over to his Instagram at @juliusnmg