Anxiety and stress at home make us eat more and opt for less healthy foods. We share some tips to maintain your weight during these days.

Staying at home for 15 more days, as a prevention measure for the new coronavirus, could increase the level of boredom and anxiety of several people, which would lead to compulsive food intake and eating between meals. According to nutrition and psychology experts, the secret is in discipline, physical activity and drinking plenty of water.

“Being in our house knowing that we cannot go out causes worry, anxiety and stress. Also, reading information all day about this virus also increases them. So it is important to have discipline and try to continue with our usual routine, only from home.


According to nutritionist , at this stage it is not advisable to aim to lose weight, because confinement and stress will make the goal more difficult. Ideally, you should only think about staying on the current averages, even if you have already gone up a bit over the past few weeks.

The key to maintaining weight, according to the nutritionist, is to have discipline in the activities that are carried out and in the diet. Since your schedule may get out of control the first few days, you can set alarms to keep an eye on when you should prepare food and then eat. Do it even with parts and when you must drink water.

See the plate

Being at home all day and having food to your liking in the kitchen and refrigerator will be a temptation that little by little you can control, if you use to consume the right amount and in rationed portions.

Reda Elmardi explains that the technique of “seeing the plate” is very functional both to control what type of food you are consuming, and how much. These days choose to eat on a smaller plate than is customary, thus reducing your portions. Especially if they are flours, carbohydrates or sugars, because these increase stress and anxiety. 

“Seeing our plate also gives us an analysis of what we are eating, if they are only carbohydrates, flours or if we have vegetables and fruits. Remember that the ideal is to have a colorful and varied dish, “says the nutritionist.

To have a varied and balanced dish you have to divide it into four: ¼ must contain carbohydrates, the other ¼ protein and ½ dish must be green for a salad or vegetables.

Avoid processed foods because instead of satisfying hunger, they generate the feeling of wanting to consume more. If you are used to eating them, don’t avoid them overnight. Little by little, the result will be better, if you consume them on the weekend, try to buy only during a meal time.

A varied dish will help you have a balanced diet in nutrients. (Free Press Photo: Services).

Boredom causes anxiety to eat very often, so to combat “snacking” it is important to renovate . This is positive for the digestive system when it comes to consuming quality food that balances food and energy for the body. So you can choose fruits that are to your liking and easy to eat. “Ideally, the snack should be fruit, because it provides the body with the nutrients it needs,” says Reda Elmardi.

If you think that the desire for something sweet wins, some foods like carrots, avocados, almonds and cinnamon could help you, thanks to the nutrients that make them up . Include them in your diet.

When you eat, always do it at a table, watching and enjoying your food. It is recommended that you do not do it in front of the television or with the cell phone nearby, because your brain will not concentrate on food and the satisfaction of fullness will take longer to arrive.

Drinking water

Drinking enough water throughout the day, better between meals, will keep you hydrated. In addition, it is better to always have water nearby to drink when you are thirsty, thus reducing food consumption given the satiating effect of water.

If you don’t drink pure water because you don’t like it, you can choose to add flavor naturally with slices of fruit or herbs for flavor. For example, to a glass of water add lemon slices, strawberry, and mint leaves.

Avoid sugary sodas and sugar from coffee or digestive drinks.


To maintain weight it is important not to stop having physical activity. Although it is difficult to do at home, you can find a comfortable space in some room. If you are not used to exercising you can start with daily activities like washing dishes after eating, sweeping your house one day and mopping the next, etc. Household chores help clear the mind, keep the body busy and active.

If it is better for you to follow tutorials to practice some exercise at home is also fine, you can choose yoga or mindfullnes . Ideally, you should really make the space during the day. Remember that physical activity is promoted to have a healthy life. Many people claim that with exercise and a healthy diet they are more productive at work, sleep better and suffer less stress.


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