If it has not yet dawned on you, we are already started the Christmas festivities and from where I live, people have started travelling to their rural homes so that they can have a great time with their extended families and enjoy doing their Christmas celebrations and traditions. Well, Christmas is a great time for family to come together and do things together. It is the best time when you connect with your spouse and kids even if you have not been doing it over the whole year. It is time to right those wrongs. To be seen even if you were rare throughout the year.

Christmas season does not mean that you have to spend so much. No, your mere presence even if you are going to eat a humble meal is enough. So do not trouble yourself borrowing or getting all your savings to give your family that memorable Christmas. Your spouse and kids love your presence and the mere fact that you are able to do things together during the festivities as opposed to you spending so much on shopping.

One thing that I have found greatly binds the family is playing games together. You see we are all techies even the kids. They love gadgets though we try to limit their usage so that they are able to get social skills by talking and interacting with other kids. However playing video games has been found to enhance decision making skills as well as make kids more creative and able to do things fast. Most of the video games actually have moral lessons that kids are able to derive from the same.

So as part of my family Christmas, we are going to be having some interactive family video games which we can play from our projector which we got from https://www.rmprojectors.com/. Playing video games has been found to encourage the spirit of team work which is great for growing kids who need to realize the value of unity and cooperating with their peers in order to carry out tasks with a unity of purpose.

Kids will also get self confidence and raise their self esteem. Girls are less attracted to technology and are therefore slower than boys in terms of adjusting to technology. However, when they get exposed to the same from an early age with great activities such as games, they start getting attracted to the same and can then even pursues aligned to technology.