Some people assume gaming is useless. We think otherwise…

Gaming can be useful. You can use it to relax. But like all things in life, you shouldn’t overdo it.

Today, we’ll help you with that.

We’ll give you 5 gaming ideas to try. They’ll make you mind calmer, and your life smoother!

#1 – Avoid Team Games.

Team games are stressful.

Think of the last time you played a FPS with TeamSpeak. What was your experience like?

Most likely, it was angry. People were blaming one another. Someone was probably screaming, with a sprinkle of cussing.

You don’t want that.

That’ll burn you out. Instead, you want a game whose pace you control – and is less filled with emotion.

This is best achieved by avoiding others.

Because when you’re not a team player, what’s to worry about?

#2 – Avoid Realism.

Remember, you’re using gaming to calm your mind.

You want to retreat from reality – not remind yourself of it.

So pick something childish. Go for a game that’s fruity and less serious…

It doesn’t need to be a “kids only” easy game. Just try something that’s more “pixels and cartoons,” and less real world!

How Do I Do That?

That’ll be our next point…

#3 – Play Online Games.

No, we’re not talking about MMOs.

Well, you can try those. But again, you want to avoid realism.

With online, we mean websites that host “multiple mini-games” for you to try.

Think of the world-known Miniclip as an example.

It’s a simple site. You get a menu of many free games. Yet, you can’t help but think of them as funny, or childish.

But that’s what you want!

They’re fun. There’s nothing realistic about them. So they’ll let you unplug from the real world fast.

And in the end, isn’t that what a calm mind is about?

Another Advantage – Exploration.

Exploration helps your mental health too.

It’s much distraction, thus more engagement. With more games to play, you’ll find that time passes quickly.

You’ll have so much to try, you’ll forget your problems.

You can stop ruminating with every new exploration. You can stop complaining as you get sucked into more levels.

Your mind becomes one with the game. So you end up weeding out all negative thoughts!

What if I Don’t Like Online Games?

Maybe you’re old school, or have different tastes. That’s understandable.

In that case, you can…

#4 – Try Cerebral (Offline)Games.

Sudoku is one option.

It’s a multi-difficulty game. It can take hours to finish a single sheet. And it respects the previous tips.

It’s solo. You always play it alone. And it requires intense focus.

But, how about something else? Maybe you can try board games (like scrabble or risk).

You also need brains there. But you need some creativity, strategic thinking, resources, and experience!

Wait – Aren’t Board Games Social?

Yes, they are.

But they can benefit your mental health. After all, they bring a social gaming element, without the drawbacks!

That is…

#5 – Setup an Intimate Gaming Session.

Sometimes, people are the best relief from mental problems.

Maybe you just need companionship. Maybe your mental health problems are tied to loneliness…

If so, break the ice with board games. Invite over family and friends. Setup a board game, and start socializing!

And since you’re playing with close ones – expect it to be civil.

It’ll be a gathering. It’s a chance to talk, connect, and feel like you have someone to turn to.

It’s an opportunity to bond. And in today’s busy world, it’s what many people need for psychological relief!