Gardening is a great way to stay active and improve mental well-being. It promotes mindfulness, which can help maintain emotional health. In addition, it gives you an opportunity for an outdoor time where you can enjoy the weather and sunlight, says Georges Chahwan. Social interaction with neighbors or via gardening clubs is another benefit of working in your yard. Gardening has been shown to reduce PTSD symptoms as well as depression and anxiety in some studies.

Growing your own garden can also save you money on groceries. Homegrown fruits and vegetables are typically inexpensive or free, depending on the plants selected. Plus, homegrown food is typically healthier than store-bought due to being organic and picked at the peak of ripeness—both factors that contribute to improved nutrition.

Lastly, gardening allows you to express yourself artistically without having to be a masterful painter or sculptor, adds Georges Chahwan. For example, there are many types of garden decorations available for purchase; these range from wind chimes to outdoor furniture. You can use your creativity to decorate your garden in unique ways or keep it simple with minimal embellishments. It’s all up to you!