container gardening

Looking to get more out of your outdoor space? Try these 5 tips to help you truly relax in your garden.

UK households spend about £7.5 billion pounds on garden items annually because we absolutely love our outdoor spaces. Barbecues, sunbathing, football on the lawn – there’s a lot to love about a garden.

Interestingly though, not that many people actually use their outdoor space to truly relax. Think about it, when was the last time you genuinely had a mindful moment in your backyard? Most of us are too busy cleaning garden furniture, fighting pests or sweeping the path to actually take a minute and really immerse ourselves in the outdoor space that we have.

The problem with this outdoor activity is that we don’t actually benefit from our garden as much as we should by doing it. Yes, the work needs doing, but we all pay a premium for that external square footage so we deserve to make the most of it. Relaxing in the garden really can boost your wellbeing too, so there are multiple reasons to spend time in your backyard absorbing what is out there, and giving your brain a little break.

To help you start gardening for relaxation, try these 5 tips:

1.   Give Yourself Time

Give yourself 15 minutes with a drink to just go out and enjoy your garden. No weeding, no sweeping, just a 15-minute wander around your own backyard. Notice the flowers, notice the weather, the feel of the ground beneath your feet. Enjoy yourself, for an indulgent 15 minutes.

2.   Ditch The Negative Bits

You won’t be able to relax when you’re seeing clutter everywhere. Weeds could also be stressful and distract you from relaxing. Have a solid afternoon decluttering, taking seasonal stuff you don’t need right now to your storage unit and ditching everything that doesn’t serve to improve your outdoor space. Without this negative energy in your garden you will find the space much more relaxing.

3.   Garden Without Pressure

Gardening can feel like an extension of housework at times, especially in summer when the lawn needs mowing every five seconds it seems. If you can, do some gardening without that pressure. Make it more of a choice, than a chore. Maybe you can plant some flowers you absolutely love, or make a succulent pot. Garden without the pressure of ‘achieving’ but rather, for the love of doing it.

4.   Give Yourself A Space

When we share the garden with family it can be taken over by play areas, or areas for activities we may not be that interested in. Can you create yourself a space to enjoy in the garden? Is there room for a quiet bench? A little area away from the family noise and bustle? A veggie garden you can nurture, perhaps? Give yourself a space in the garden that isn’t just practical, but rather, it offers you the kind of mindfulness you would truly benefit from.

5.   Try Earthing

Earthing is the practise of connecting with the earth and benefiting from its ‘electrical charges’. The science of this practise is disputed, but one thing is for sure, the earth beneath your bare feet will take you away from your worries for a moment. Try walking the grass after rainfall, the tiles after the warm sun has heated them, or try treading some mud between your toes – it may sound basic and kind of bonkers, but we defy anybody not to enjoy how it feels. If you hate it – you’ve tried something new, which is never a bad thing.

The five tips above can help you relax more in your outdoor space. With a bit of creativity and by trying a few new things, you could enjoy your garden more, and boost your wellbeing at the same time.