It is quite natural to feel worried, depressed and overwhelmed during dire circumstances like the COVD-19 pandemic. It is of prime importance to focus on ways of retarding the transmission of the deadly coronavirus to regain physical, as well as, mental wellness. We have witnessed that numerous people are experiencing increased feelings of frustration, anxiety, impatience, powerlessness, and irritability. We are also quite concerned regarding increased xenophobia and stigmatization. Many of you are feeling uncertain about your future thanks to dynamic social plans and fast-changing schedules. 

It is quite natural to worry about the depressing situation all around you. However, it is critical to take proactive steps and identify ways of managing your mental health and overall wellness. Gary Saitowitz says that there are several ways of boosting resilience during these dire circumstances. He further reminds you that there is a growing global concern regarding the spread of coronavirus and its implications. You may focus on maintaining your usual routine to the extent possible in terms of nutrition, sleep, and exercise. Individuals with existing issues relating to mental health should be extra careful. In the present situation, it is all the more important to follow your normal routine to reduce stress and all sorts of depressive thoughts.

Gary Saitowitz Offers Some Tips to Stay Sane & Boost Emotional Wellbeing 

Start By Filtering News and Even Social Media

As per, the constant flow of information warnings and precautions whether it’s coming from the trustworthy CDC itself or some ‘dubiously-sourced’ and recirculated Facebook post, could take its toll on your emotional well-being and overall mental health.

Listening to the same depressing news relating to the fatalities and sufferings because of the coronavirus across the globe could be a cause of anxiety and that may end up exacerbating mental health issues. You need to exercise caution while balancing watching depressing news that could end up disrupting your emotional well-being and the news that is important to maintain your overall health and well-being. You may focus on seeking trusted and authentic information from reliable and trustworthy sources such as NHS or National Health Service. 

It is important to be aware of some critical news about COVID-19 at specific times for taking proactive measures to safeguard your loved ones and yourself too. Focus on taking breaks even from social media to maintain your sanity and mental peace. It is best to consider muting triggering social media accounts and keywords. Constant news about the coronavirus outbreak could be less informational than more upsetting. Avoid seeking information from sensationalist sources. 

It could be pretty upsetting and disturbing to hear news about the pandemic and see distressing images repeatedly. It is best to focus on performing some activities you are passionate about to bring back a touch of normalcy into your life again. Focus on devoting more time to unwinding and reminding yourself that the present bad times would soon go away and strong feelings would be fading soon.

Discuss Openly Mental Wellness & Mental Health Issues

People should feel free to discuss their anxiety and depression during these troubled times. More and more individuals should be motivated and encouraged to talk about their thoughts and feelings. You should keep in mind that there are numerous support help lines and mental health crisis solution services. You may seek professional assistance to boost your emotional well-being.

Include an Anti-Depression Diet

A steep rise in your anxiety levels during the pandemic is quite common; however, a well-nourished body seems to be better equipped to handle stress. A traditional Mediterranean menu could be your best choice as it is often referred to as an ‘anti-depression diet’ because of its anti-inflammatory and anti-oxidant and properties. You may include healthy foods such as vegetables, whole grains, berries, fruits, almonds and nuts, and even olive oil for taking care of your overall mental health.


Follow the above-discussed tips to boost your mental health and maintain emotional wellbeing despite the depressing COVID-19 situation. Focus on getting therapeutic sleep. Good restful sleep is essential to handle effectively all strong feelings and emotions. Moreover, indulge in regular exercises to successfully treat your COVID-19 related depression.