Gary Saitowitz

The current pandemic is a considerable risk to your heart. The health of your heart plays a significant role in the risk of acute illness from coronavirus. People having blood pressure and heart disease are more prone to the virus. However, there are specific ways that help you in keeping your heart healthy.

Gary Saitowitz brings a few tips on how to keep your heart alive and beating, even with a chronic heart condition

Below are a few steps to remain healthy and keep your heart healthy as well.

Follow the new normal

Primarily try to follow social distancing, stay home as much as possible, follow the lockdown norms, and seek medical help if you feel an emergency arises. And even after things start going back to normal, you must proceed with caution. Even after things start easing up, you must wear masks, continue social distancing, and sanitize frequently, according to Gary Saitowitz.

Benefit from telemedicine

When you cannot have in-person appointments, accept video calls and online assignments. You might feel shy at first and think that it does not make a difference. However, video calls and teleconsultation make a more significant impact. Doctors can make sure that you are reaching your health goals and are fit. Your job is to take medicines and attend regular appointments.

Do not stop your medications

The news of hypertension medicines being a risk and their correlation to COVID-19 is misguiding people. You might feel the need to quit drugs. But consult your doctor before doing so. Continue them until your doctor advises not to. Quite a few sources have claimed that blood pressure medications and the virus have almost no association.

Evolve and follow a healthier lifestyle

With the new normal, you must evolve as well. Cultivate healthier habits and lead a healthy life. You must follow the necessary step to a healthy and happy living:

  • Regularly communicate with your healthcare provider.
  • Eat better, eat healthily.
  • Frequent exercise sessions.
  • Do not overwork yourself, take enough rest.
  • Keep a check of your blood pressure, in case you suffer from hypertension or any other chronic heart disease.

Be aware of COVID-19 symptoms and other heart issues, seek emergency care in case of uneasiness.

You must know the symptoms and signs of the deadly coronavirus. The most important characters that should be in mind are:

  • Coughing, especially dry.
  • High fever, or feeling chills.
  • In case you have trouble in respiration, or other respiratory problems, seek medical care.
  • Consult a doctor if you have pain in your muscles.

However, symptoms of heart issues and stroke may also be a sign of the infection. It may include:

  • Pressure or chest pain while exercising or doing any other activity. ​
  • Weakness of the arm or one side of the body becoming numb.
  • Headache. ​

But if you think you are suffering from a stroke or a heart attack, do not wait. Consult your doctor or health care provider immediately. It is more important to have yourself examined if you fear heart issues.