Warning: This WILL psyche you up. This will get you feeling like you want to shake what ya mama gave ya. This is not about hoping and wishing and saying positive things. This is about BEING powerful and embodying it in every cell of your being. Gassing yourself up is about setting an unwavering intention to unleash your unique gifts and magic each and every day as if your life depended on it. Oh wait! It does. Your life actually does depend on how much you love and support yourself. The act of gassing yourself up is to be your own cheerleader. You are the source of your own experience. You can choose how you talk, think and feel about yourself. SO the question now remains…why would choose anything other than awesomeness that makes you feel good?

Note: It’s perfectly ok to feel awkward when you first start this exercise. As you practice you will notice the resistance fade and it will actually become so natural. It is a doorway for you to create great results in your life.

Watch this short video on how to apply this powerful technique and then follow the supporting guide below.

The most awesome thing to remember:
This gets to be fun and easy!
Start with what you can and build your practice as you ease into the comfort of getting in your starting blocks and gassing yourself up for the day!

1. As part of your morning practice, find a mirror. The bathroom is a great place to do this as you are getting ready for the day.

2. Time to GAS yourself up. You can use sentences like this or make up ones that feel good to you.
I’m the fucking best. 
There is nobody like me. 
I’m gonna run shit. 
I totally love you, _______________. 
I am so worthy. 

3. Supercharge it. It’s not even what you say that matters. It’s about getting into those blocks and feeling it. Raising your vibration to the highest frequency of love for yourself and then blasting that out to the universe.
Game time like your fucking life depends on it. 
Tap into that essence. That pace. That absolute conviction that you are ahhh-mazing. This is a cellular, active experience. It is embodiment. It is a biological rampage. The gates blow wide open and you create a full blown connection of mind, body and soul. 

4. Claim your I AM statements. Create 2-3 statements and record yourself saying them on your phone with your favorite song playing in the background. That way you can play it throughout the day to give you a BOOST of GAS! Here are a few examples:
I am a majestic sophisticated Renaissance woman.
I am a cosmic spark of love energy.
I am a divine light being who is blissed and blessed.
I am the source of my own experience and create magic and miracles everyday.

You can build on these as you get more comfortable with it all. Simply start and stay with it. It helped me so much on the track as a collegiate athlete back in the day. It has been a lifelong tool to keep me in a peak state and I wanted to share it with you.

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