Jonathan Kung

As a gastroenterologist, Dr. Jonathan Kung spends most of his days working in a hospital with patients who have digestives issues. However, whenever he gets some downtime, both at the hospital and outside of it, he is making sure he is either staying active, resting, or inspiring people on social media.

Dr. Kung is very passionate about helping others be the best version of themselves, as well as helping them find what they are passionate about. Jonathan is not someone who defines himself solely by his career. He pursues things in life that excite him and bring him joy, and that is what he recommends others do as well.

It turns out that people are very receptive to his advice on social media. His Instagram page currently has over 77,000 followers. On it, he is regularly showing off his active lifestyle, which includes going to the gym to go resistance training, playing sports like soccer and basketball, boxing, martial arts, and more. Jonathan is someone who strongly believes living an active lifestyle is better than any medication for ensuring your physical and mental health are at their peak.

Your interests may be different than his, and that’s OK. Dr. Kung says that whatever your interests and goals are, as long as you are staying active, they will deliver the same benefits of being healthy and happy.

Social media allows Dr. Kung to help a massive number of people all at once. Since one of his personal goals is to help people, this is a very effective way for him to do so. Becoming a doctor in the first place was driven by his passion for helping others be as healthy as they can be. However, he wants to help people improve their overall health, not just their gut and digestive system.

Balance is key, according to Dr. Kung. He is making sure he does this himself, considering how challenging it can be to leave the hospital for some self-care time. “It’s extremely important to always make time outside of healthcare for family, friends, exercise, and travel. In the last couple of years before the pandemic started, I have been fortunate to explore Iceland, Aruba, and Japan,” says Dr. Kung. “A balance of a proactive lifestyle, both inside and outside of the hospital, keeps me healthy and motivated.”

Achieving balance is possible when you make time for things other than work. As Dr. Kung often says, “There is always time if you make time.” Maintaining an active lifestyle is more important than ever today, considering the pandemic has led to people staying holed up at home for much longer than they ever have before. However, this isn’t an excuse to put off doing something that gets your body moving. There is plenty of things you can do that will ensure you are maintaining an active lifestyle.

One of Dr. Kung’s most important takeaways is for you to “Invest in yourself and others.” He has been doing so, and the results have been remarkable.