When I first heard about the pandemic, I was shocked. My whole family was so on edge and we were simply confused as to what was occurring. As a citizen of this beautiful nation, I knew I had to get to work on ways to help my local communities. The first act of business was finding places to donate. Non-profits have been making food, shelter, and masks for many of those who cannot afford it. Millions lost their jobs due to the rescission and with that came so many unexpected hardships. 

Furthermore, I know many healthcare workers who put their lives in danger to serve and save those in need. It is of the utmost importance to find ways to be generous to those around us. By donating meals to homeless shelters or hospitals, we can save lives. Many doctors haven’t had proper rest in weeks because of the endless hours they are working. Gifting them with a care package is the least we can all do. Generosity is key in any circumstance, especially now. Acts of kindness never go out of style and at a time like this, love is needed the most. 

It cannot go unsaid that COVID-19 has been devastating to my family. I lost both of my parents in the spring because of this unlawful illness. I know how painful it is to lose people I love so much, so please do your best to wear a mask and donate as much as you can. Even seeing signs that say, “we support front line workers”, makes people feel more motivated to get out of bed and save lives. So much good can happen in the wake of all this evil. On behalf of my experience and as I said in Ambit Sucess, generosity never goes unnoticed by the people who need it most.