The entrepreneurial mindset is often one of growth and development. Entrepreneurs may have different values and beliefs, but their primary focus is growth. Their mindset can be influenced and determined by their industry, their background, and their own experiences. No matter the influencing factor, however, entrepreneurs must have a winning mindset. 

For Entrepreneur George Siosi Samuels, his mindset is heavily influenced by his background. The Pacific native, the founder of several companies, including Faiā, a community-tech consultancy, and Honā, a social commitment platform leveraging blockchain technology, share some of his mindset tips that influence his decisions.

Through patience and persistence, it will come

“Through patience and persistence, it will come.” George describes this statement as his mantra. Many entrepreneurs are familiar with the slow, arduous growth and success process, but the results are usually rewarding.

“It’s the understanding that, whatever you choose as your goal, if you apply patience for the long-term, but persistence in the short, you will achieve your desires. It is also a head-nod to the way my Polynesian ‘Wayfinding’ ancestors viewed the world – you did not go to your destination; your destination came to you.” 

The strength of the pack is the wolf. The strength of the wolf is the pack.”

Samuels highlights this second phrase as a key to live by. “The strength of the pack is the wolf. The strength of the wolf is the pack.” This highlights the importance of getting help and building a team. 

“It’s the understanding that, alone, we get things done. But together, we can do a lot more. That each individual is responsible for their own actions, but collectively your actions impact one another.”

George also shares “if you ever find yourself feeling down, take time alone if you’re that way inclined, or find yourself another ‘pack’ (team or community) if the one you’re in is unhealthy. The environment dictates performance, so make sure you choose who you surround yourself with wisely.”

Strength in numbers 

These tips have been integral in the companies that Samuels has founded. He believes there is strength in numbers and that his third venture, The Pack, reflects these thoughts and beliefs.

“I have a third venture called The Pack, which is a cohort-based productivity accelerator for entrepreneurs & professionals and is more of a labor of love. It is something I created in 2016 to solve my own problem – feeling lonely in-between jobs.

After validating the idea with paying customers, it has taken on a life on its own over the years.

I even tried to shut it down around year two due to time commitments, but the members convinced me to bring it back. During Covid, we actually saw more members sign-up due to isolation. This community solves an issue known as Lone Wolf Syndrome.”

George is very engaged in his work of community building through technology. He recognizes that community and groups are important for the survival of cultures and beliefs. This is why he continues to encourage other entrepreneurs.