Georgii Kesaev is a sports manager with professional expertise in athlete consulting, football (soccer) scouting, performance analysis, and project management. He’s now working on a start-up initiative ( with a goal of using data analysis, sports marketing and management to help sportsmen and sports clubs maximize their potential. He recently launched the beta version of a project that uses a data-driven approach to estimate market values in women’s football utilizing different variables such as athlete performance, player popularity, team performance, etc.

Georgii pointed out in one of his previous interviews that when analyzing the performance of football players, statistics are usually useful; however, the human factor cannot be ignored in football decision-making, because it still remains. Therefore, his project incorporates an individual approach alongside technology solutions, providing quality estimations in professional football and analyzing the game from every angle.

By leveraging years of experience in the sports sector, his professional expertise lies in the sphere of athlete consulting as well. He has been active in contract talks for professional athletes since 2014 – when he first assisted a professional athlete in finding a sports club and represented him during negotiations.

Being a sports manager is a demanding and never-ending profession. You must be totally devoted to your clients to be a successful representative. A job as a sports manager is becoming increasingly popular, and it is one of today’s most demanding industries.

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