When we think of reaching for success, most of us think of one thing, hard work. We’re taught that if we want to be successful, we have to follow the plan, keep focused, and work really hard. 

But what if the “buckle down and work” mentality is actually missing an extremely important piece of what it takes to accelerate your success in today’s world of entrepreneurship?

There are good ideas and then there are great ideas. To find the great ones you need to look out and find that one thing that pushes you to achieve the best. One of the best ways to achieve it is through learning from other people’s experiences. 

German Castelo is a great example of how learning from other people’s experiences and applying that knowledge to our daily lives can change our financial situation and life in general.

Castelo, an entrepreneur, motivational speaker, investor, and best seller author, originally from Mexico, is living proof that anybody can be successful no matter where they are based as long as they work hard and have the right mindset.

“Before becoming an entrepreneur, I felt totally frustrated. I was a college student, while working two jobs. As a result of this, my time was limited to the things I wanted and so was my income,” Castelo Shared.

“However, I never lost my way or my desire to improve, and that’s how little by little my life and mentality changed, taking me from a third world mindset to a first world mindset. And that’s when everything began to change,” Castelo stated boldly. 

As in many Latin American countries, the common citizen’s thinking is that they live in a third world country and that is why neither they nor their family can advance. German Castelo, successful businessman, denies this reality and ensures that everything is in how we see our reality.

There are very few expectations regarding the idea of ​​undertaking or starting a project in any Latin American country because of the idea that there is no opportunity to emerge in the same way as a first world country, but how true is this? Castelo attributes the lack of entrepreneurship in these countries to the same ‘individualist mentality’ and invites them to put it into practice.

“We need to work together without subtracting our differences and instead look for ways to add common points between us as we search of a better country,” Stated Castelo.

German Castelo, a millennial entrepreneur, proves that with a clear mission – Educate, Motivate and Inspire Millions of People – you can achieve what you propose in any corner of the world.

Not only has he been the creator of a brand, but also a lifestyle. Castelo also gives talks throughout the world to both entrepreneurs and all those who want to take their ideas to action.

“I can’t even count how many times I’ve put myself in situations, looked around and thought, ‘What Am I Doing Here?’ From multi-day silent meditation retreats, to traveling the world, each time I find that edge of fear, I find a new version of myself, one that I respect and admire.” Added Castelo.

So whether you’re looking to take your life to the next level, motivate yourself to reach for your dreams, German Castelo is the perfect mix to get it all done.