Gestures are a great way of showing our affection. The quality time spent with our loved ones and friends makes them happy. A way of expressing our gratitude and gestures of care can convince them into thinking that they are not ignored. I have been helped by many people in the past, and this makes me think about my reciprocation to the same. Though, there have been times of me helping others or showing minor gestures of care and calling a friend to know about her well-being. I feel that there is something more, I should do to make them happy, rather than just checking on their well-being, and being a well-wisher won’t be enough.  

Showing care and affection not only when they have everyone around them, but also during times of distress can help them overcome their blues. Recently, I met a friend who had lost his parent to the pandemic and was unable to concentrate on his work along with other problems at home, consoling him and assuring him that it is still good in this world made him believe in the goodness of people. This ensures that there are people who care for them even when things go wrong. 

We can have more people around us when we have everything going on fine in our lives. What matters most is having the right people around in times of distress. 

  • Helping my mom preparing dishes 
  • Greeting my colleagues during the festivities 
  • I also share my gratitude towards people who helped me both personally and professionally 

As a family member, I have certain duties to follow as a responsible person. So, I make sure to do these duties without missing them on a daily basis.