In the blink of an eye, life can change. And in 2020, it has, for all of us. 

One thing is for sure, none of us are alone right now in the reality that we are facing. No one is immune to the fear, disease, and devastation that 2020 delivered. 

With that being said, what if, this holiday season we each have an opportunity to live up to a new standard of excellence, reinventing who we have been as we choose who we are going to be now? 

The truth is that we can’t go back. The past is over. Everything has changed. 

We have all been given an opportunity to show up the way we want to, to be the version of ourselves that we know and like and can look at in the mirror. 

This holiday season will be over before we know it. Now is the perfect time to plot, plan, and scheme as you create your next season. Here’s how. 

Reflect: You get to start again. Instead of you trying to fit in with the world, your life from here on out can fit in with YOU. Who do you want to be now? Choose. You aren’t going to wake up and magically “know who you are.” You’ve made it this far and now you get to choose who you want to be. Where are you going next in your one precious life? Why is that important to you? These important questions can and will change your life, if you will be courageous enough to answer them honestly. 

Relax: Instead of trying to manage your own personal day-to-day chaos, take a deep breath and know that in this moment, you don’t have to fix anything. Instead of trying to do, manage, or fix, for just 5 minutes a day, try just breathing and being with you—the you that you want to be. You are great to be around. You are amazing company, with yourself or whoever you chose to spend your time with virtually or in person. You’ve maybe just forgotten that and most likely have gotten so caught up in life that you aren’t spending enough time with you and your own soul. Your soul is incredible and has the answers as you step into growing into this next season of your life. 

Reinvent: What is the scariest is NOT our circumstances, even now. What is scary is becoming a YOU that you don’t recognize, that you haven’t met yet, that you might not believe in, YET. Your next doable step is committing to growing into a you that you like, that you can face in the mirror, and that you can be proud of. Reinvention is going to be a challenge, sure, but it’s a challenge worth accepting. What’s the alternative? Getting by? Good enough being good enough? You deserve to wake up every day knowing who you are, because you chose to do the work. Your life gets to work for you, if you will be brave enough to make that happen for yourself. 

This holiday season, whether you find yourself alone, with family, or visiting family that you haven’t seen in awhile, you get to show up as the you that you want to be. 

If nothing else, 2020 has given us permission to surprise ourselves and those we love as we powerfully live, true to ourselves, modeling that possibility for every life we come into contact with. 

Healing is Possible! 

Love, Rebeccah