Private Jets are considered to be premium and comfortable aircrafts available for the elite people for its unique and special features provided to its travelers. They have sets of complete and high-quality specifications and features which are not available in the public jets. Owning a private jet is expensive but worth the cost for all the convenient features it has to offer. Even the multi-millionaires could not afford it sometimes. But its sales growth has not taken any fall. The private jet business has continued to grow in leap and bounds. The increase in the sale of private jets has lowered the corporate tax rates. Millionaires are looking forward to own private jets for its astounding features and make travel convenient and affordable. Not only there is an option to own a private jet all by yourself, but also you can make it possible by fractionally owning the private planes. This means that the cost of the jet is split with a small group of its users. Owning Private jets fractionally has currently increased by 5% in the U.S.

Why Do People Look Forward to Buying Private Jets?

The average price to own a private jet is between 5 to 150 million. It majorly depends on the features that it has in them and also the size that you want. Some dealers sell these private jets. Private jets are equipped with modern technologies to satisfy the buyer. About 676 business jets were sold in the year 2017 as per the statistics provided by GAMA (General Aviation Manufacturers Association). The private jet sales have increased vastly in the year 2017.

Super Rich Features Available in Private Jets

Private jets are now popularly owned and used by millionaires and leaders across the world. Some own personal helicopters as well as per their travel needs. VIPs choose to buy ultra-luxury jets which are even sometimes decorated with gems and stones in the interior. The world’s powerful and rich people customize their private jets as per their likes and needs. Apart from world leaders, business people own business jets to meet their demands. Such aircraft have a defense system equipped in them for safety reasons, have a banquet hall and sometimes decorated with precious woods and stones.

Apart from the defense system and stem looks in the interiors of luxury aircraft owned by businessmen and leaders across the world, there are special features in the private jets which are not available in the private aircraft. Let us take a look at them.

More Features of Private Jets

Private jets come in many sizes to suit the group and occasion. Jet services such as catering, grooming, and cleaning services are at its best quality. Private jets have a superior reputation than the public ones. A lot of practical services and functions are available while the passengers are on the flight. The passengers can have a relaxed, comfortable journey with luxurious amenities.

Private aircraft can fly without sticking or following a specific scheduled time. Count of nineteen or even more people can accommodate private jets. Private business jets have amenities for presentations and to discuss business proposals with wine and dinner. It has all the amenities for wealthy clientele. Private chef takes care of the flight dinners, snacks, and drinks, unlike the public jets. Power outlets, Wi-fi, audio, and video equipment, on screen for presentations, telephones and much more are offered.

Private jets are not only owned by rich people but can also be rented by an individual to serve the plane as a place for a particular event. Many business officials rent private planes for about 24 hours to discuss their business proposals. The private jets land in private airports as well and use their runways whenever needed. Apart from jet rentals, additional costs are taken for the pilot, stewardess, jet plan maintenance and usage of private runways in private airports during peak hours.  Private rental jets are allowed to travel long distance but are not allowed to go overseas. However, they can go intercontinental. One has to check all available amenities, services, and condition of the private jets before renting them. Private jets are safe just like the commercial ones. Private jets are faster than the commercial, public aircraft.

How to Rent a Private Jet

Anyone who has the resource to rent a private jet can charter a private jet. The reasons could be to book for a business trip, business meeting, family vacation, or just for a couple to celebrate their anniversary. The reason to hire a private jet varies, and size depends on the number of people who travel in it. The policies for the people to rent out private jets differs for each company. Most of the rental jets can be offered even with a little of two hours of booking which is awesome. This way one can get to their destination at any point of time in a convenient manner. The person who has rented the private jets have the option to alter the schedule, like stopping in between to pick someone, change a venue last minute and drive into another city for a meeting. Any acceptable identification, photograph, and valid photographs are required for international travel. All documents must be surrendered before the private aircraft departs. If you have booked for a private rental jet and want to cancel it, there are no cancellation fees until you do it 24 hours before. Chartering or renting a private jet means all the seat is yours.  Smaller private jets cost less. The Charter companies recommend the type of private jets that will suit the number of people that you bring in to travel and the purpose of traveling. They also recommend based on the amount of distance that you travel from one point to the destination.

Small private jets can hold about six, and the largest can hold about 19 passengers. One can get a quotation for the trip after quoting the services you expect from the private jet and the number of passengers. The charter informs if the stop is needed to fill fuel while you travel after you tell them about the distance. Fixed based operator terminals or FBOT are designated areas to board your rented private jets. One carry on bad and one stow bag per passenger is allowed. Additional cost for baggage differs with each charter company.