Well this it is not that easy as we would like it to be. A fixed mindset is something that people simply have because they have grown up with this mindset. To get out of this way of seeing things, needs effort. This is not something that could be changed overnight but it is definitely something you have in your own hands and should work on, as this will create more options in your life, business but also personal.

With a Fixed Mindset you think with the cannot:

I cannot do math

I cannot be a business owner

I cannot be alone

I cannot become an influencer

I cannot move to another country

You are saying something already up-front of what you are not able to do, without doing the effort for it and learning all the skills. This is what we call the Fixed Mindset. You simply close off yourself for something new.

This has various reasons; this could be because a fear of failure or you do not like to make new moves out of your comfort-zone et cetera. What we also do in a Fixed Mindset is whenever someone is better than us, we get jealous and ¨hate¨ that person instead of thinking: ¨Okay this person does it better, what can I learn from her/him? ¨. See opportunities to grow, find this in everything and do not close your mind, do not listen to your Fixed Mindset voice telling you, you cannot do things.

Important to get out of your Fixed Mindset is to see growth options in everything, but to start with that you first need to learn to listen to your mindset voice. This voice is saying things such as:

–      You should not wear this, you look ugly

–      Oo they were just lucky

–      I am for sure they will not like me

–      I am not smart enough for this

–      That person has more luck than me always

Recognize this voice and become aware of this voice, because like that you are able to get the voice go away and turn it into a Growth Mindset voice, that sees potentially growth in everything.

When you notice this voice is coming up, stop yourself and think:  ¨Why do I say this? ¨ and ask yourself the question: How can I see this differently? Or: What can I do, to make it happen?

You need to figure out why you are getting that negative a.k.a Fixed Mindset voice in your head and become aware of it, because without that, changing your Fixed Mindset would be more difficult to almost impossible.

A Growth Mindset sees that everything can be learned and when you can choose between a Safe or Challenge decision, well you with the Fixed Mindset chooses the Safe option, while someone with the Growth Mindset chooses the Challenge.

How many times is this voice holding you back on things while it is not even necessary? You do know that everything is something you can learn doing! Everything you would like to achieve; you are able to achieve. You only need to see the skills you miss and start learning them! When you were you child you tried over and over and over to walk, that did not stop you nor your parents to teach you how to walk and now you do it without any problem.

Start to recognise your Fixed Mindset voice and take this first step to get out of your Fixed Mindset, take some weeks for this. This will need time before it becomes a habit!

Download here the 21 questions to help you create strong goals to help you achieve what you would like to achieve together with changing your mindset!


  • Stephanie Steggehuis

    NLP Mindset & Time Management Coach

    Just Know How Coaching

    Stephanie was born in The Netherlands and studied Marketing & Communication at the University of Applied Sciences in Amsterdam. She worked for many years in the Event & Entertainment Industry with the biggest Venues, Festivals and Parties. Beside her experience there she has also worked many years in the corporate world for some big names such as eBay and worked in various positions in different companies from Manager, Director and Vice President.  Today she is certified as a Neuro-Linguistic Programmer Coach and has completed over 125 hours in training for coaching. She always is studying the human brain, psychology, and mindset, to keep understanding the human being a hundred percent to help her clients in the best way possible. The most significant changes start with understanding the brain!