Do you feel like you’re being watched or marginalized? The colleague speaks badly about your job performance and is not fair? Or is important information not being passed on to you? Workplace mobbing can manifest itself in many ways. The victim suffers mentally and physically from this hostility.

Victims of mobbing suffer and cannot find a way out

Anyone who wakes up with stomach ache every morning for fear of bullying at work suffers enormously. The self-esteem that was there until then has shrunk. Your nervousness is omnipresent because you always expect an attack from the bully. Your work performance suffers under these conditions and your error rate increases? Then you have to change something about it. Because bullying is pure poison for mental health.

Appeal to the conscience

Is the tyrant a Christian person and does he present himself as such? Okay, then talk to him about Christian values. Bullying is definitely not a Christian attribute. Hold the mirror in front of the bullies so they can see that they are far from the path of Christianity. Remembering a role model can sometimes help. Is the tyrant above your professional position in the hierarchy? Then the tyrant should be a role model for you too, but this is absolutely impossible with such behavior.

Find someone you trust

In some companies there is a trustworthy person who can be approached on such matters. Otherwise, the boss is the authority that needs to be informed. Before starting such a conversation, however, it is important that you clearly state the bullying.

The statement: “I feel bullied” is often not enough. Managers want to know what happened in detail. Feelings are therefore less relevant because they can be subjective. It makes sense to note the incidents of the bullying with the day, date and possibly also witnesses present. It is just as important not to keep these notes for longer than a year and only then to present them. Because no one can remember what happened many months ago. Events that occurred quickly and are understandable are best. When selecting witnesses, it is good if they are not people who are close to the bully and who support his behavior.

Strengthen your own inner attitude

Understand that the bully is processing and inferring his own internal conflicts by bullying you. In very few cases, the bullying has anything to do with you as a person. As the seemingly weakest team member, you are ideally suited to bullying. The bully may also see something in your character or your emotional relationships that he strictly rejects. It can be experiences that were once a problem for the bully himself. It also includes experiences that the tyrant himself never had, but that he longed for.

Example: In the childhood of the bully, he was always exposed to the feeling that his parents did not love him. The relationship with his parents is therefore still split today. However, you have a fantastic relationship with your parents, which everyone in the company knows. This fact alone can be enough to prevent the bully from granting you this experience. The bullying itself is then a form of punishment because you were allowed to experience a beautiful childhood.

If you hear a stupid saying again, you can use impressive gestures to underline that you will not accept it. The flat, raised hand, symbolizing a stop signal, is one of them. “Keep your words to yourself – they are your problem and not mine,” one might add in the situation.

If nothing helps stop mobbing

If all of your actions are unsuccessful, you should change jobs. The belief that it could one day change something by itself is often just a wishful thought. When something changes, only you can trigger the change.