Mark Ward

Mark Ward is a 7-Figure entrepreneur with over 20 years of Business experience. Starting his first business at age 19, he co-founded the 1st hip-hop dance studio in Western Canada, 3rd Street Beat.  5 years later, he discovered a need in the market for an All Hip-Hop dance competition and created ‘Artists Emerge’ which is a National dance competition and convention.

Mark started his first business at age 18. Mark raised close to half a million dollars from ‘Hip Hop for Hope’ for charities like Stollery Children’s Hospital, Make A Wish foundation, Youth Emergency Shelter. At present, Mark owns 5 companies grossing over 7 Figures. Contrary to the success that Mark has achieved, he has also faced many obstacles in his life. The first year of the ‘Artists Emerge’ Dance Competition was a disaster. Mark tried to launch the competition in Edmonton and Toronto and was not even able to make it to Toronto. The team lost $14,000 which back in 2006 was like losing 50K with today’s dollar and Mark broke out into hives from the stress. The public considered it a success. Thus Mark knew he had a good idea so he obsessed over why he failed.

Mark suggests people make sure they have a meticulous and strategic plan. He also considers thinking with the end goal in mind and planning backward from there. According to him getting a coach is mandatory for achieving success. Mark advises people to find a mentor or someone who has done what the other person wants to do as it’s worth the money and will speed up the result one wants and holds the person accountable.  In the future, Mark is planning to launch a brand new virtual event, The Global Dance Summit, and wants to reach 50,000 people and help them transform their current thinking.

With all the dance businesses going strong, his passion to serve as many people as possible has now led him on a path to affect more people through his own Dance resource brand Quiimly, the Conscious Dance Network. The mission is to inspire global social equality and help African villages step into the 21st Century by giving them the gift of electricity. He teaches the success principles and philosophies he lives by and believes that it will help anyone looking to transform their lives.