After months of covering grief recovery, mental wellness and business continuity, it’s time to start telling some positive stories about women who are kicking glass in the world. Let me introduce you to…

Dr. Marla Richard incorporates the latest in neuroscience, evidence-based practices of psychopharmacology and western medicine, interpersonal neurobiology, and the Enneagram to help individuals, groups and professionals to become their “best self”.

Mia Hewett helps you to confidently create your own reality by accessing your innate power, shift your self-image, and clear the misconceptions and misunderstandings that have been getting in your way.

Nikki Brown has run nutrition and wellness companies since 1997 along with a household of four kids. Now she runs branding and marketing for the ALTWELL line of CBD products.

It’s never easy to lose your job, but for Annie Scranton it was the gateway to a totally new career. She was 28 when she lost a coveted role as a TV producer and started calling friends to see if anyone knew of any work. One offer to place a personality on a TV show, led to another and another. This year Pace Public Relations celebrates its tenth anniversary!

Why do I believe these stories are important? These amazing women are just like you and me. They share their strategies to give you hope, so that’s why I’m sharing these lovely ladies with you.

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  • Donna Carlson

    Women's Leadership & Life Strategy Coach

    360º Life Strategies

    Women comprise 56% of the workforce but so many of us don't ask for what we want. Why is that? After a 30 year career accepting second best, living like a race horse held behind the start gate, Donna Carlson changed her strategy from being a thermometer - reflecting the mores of the world around her - to being a thermostat. Now Donna coaches women to own their personal style and leadership power.