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Getting unstuck to make room for more joy, love, and light often requires getting present.

  • What is holding you back or convincing you to play it safe? 
  • What do you tell yourself before you take a perceived risk or leap into something new?
  • What is preventing you from moving toward your next level of impact? 

These are questions that I did not even realize I needed to ask myself. Mostly because my mind was often reflecting on what I just worked on or where I needed to focus next.  As I now realize, I was living most of my life in the past or in the future. 

Consequently, I was not fully aware of the beauty, laughter, and miracles happening all around me.  The reason for this lack of awareness was due to the fact that my mind was racing, digesting and strategizing for what had occurred or what was next on the horizon.

Participating Without Being Present

For decades, this state of participation,  showing up but not really being present seemed to be working until I found myself feeling more empty, lonely and even uninspired.  I am not sure if my awakening came with age, a change in my state of mind or exhaustion from overproducing, but the need for a shift was evident! 

When I really thought about what I was craving more now than ever, it came down to one word: JOY! Not just more laughter but, more fulfillment, more often.  I highlight this craving in a previous Thrive article entitled: Where is the JOY?? The Excitement? The Fun? Rescued By Mindfulness – A Journey to Joy

Questions to Ask Yourself

Before I jump in, a few questions to ask yourself:

  • Do you often feel tired or weighed down?
  • Do you feel like you need a jolt or a change?
  • Are you busy all the time with little time to enjoy the moments you create?
  • Are you experiencing enough fun, enjoyment or laughter?

I Took A Drive to Self-Discovery

In my search for the next level of self-excavation, I found myself driving 146 miles Southeast to visit Paula.  I had never met Paula, but through a series of events that occurred after spending a spiritual week with Rebecca Campbell, at the OMEGA Institute in upstate New York, she crossed my path.

This was not my first step in the process.  In fact, this self-discovery process started over five years ago with a solo trip to Sedona.  Since then, I have been working to ground and center myself with the assistance of many books, podcasts, and lightworkers

“A Lightworker is anyone who devotes their life to being a bright light in the world. They understand that their actions (no matter how big or small) have the potential to raise the vibration of the planet. A Lightworker’s soul is awake, conscious that their presence matters and that they are part of something that is bigger than them.” Source: Rebecca Campbell’s blog WHAT KIND OF LIGHTWORKER ARE YOU?

This journey took shape as I realized that for my outside to shift, my inside had to first do the heavy lifting.  I had to dig deep, look in my shadows and clear out the crap!  One of my first notable lessons after moving in this direction was: light cannot immediately shine where darkness resides. 

With purpose, I set my intention and made time to do the work: Raise my energy [frequency] to increase my impact.

Increasing My Impact

To increase my impact, I realized that I had to change the way I showed up!  It was not just about reading a few books, going to yoga and learning to meditate.  I needed to dive into what was holding me back from feeling comfortable within my own skin, and believe that I have everything I need to make my impact.  I often call this:  Stepping into my light

Just like I teach to numerous women worldwide, I struggled with appreciating my gifts and what I had to offer the world.  I often convinced myself to wait until I was 100% ready. However, I know now from the research of my second book, that waiting to check every box can cheat yourself of opportunities, joy, and impact.

So, unsure of where this would lead, I took the Universe’s advice and drove to Pennsylvania.

Stuck Energy

During my first visit to Paula, my spiritual underground shifted.  Before I let your mind create a picture of Paula, let me share that Paula is a Registered Nurse with 30 years of hospital experience. Over the years, she has obtained certification in various healing modalities that she uses to help people release what is no longer serving them!

My goal is to increase my joy and fulfillment. I have found that I have to make time to explore stories I created years ago that have directly and indirectly shaped my outlook, decisions, and self-talk.  To do this, I have explored energies and spiritual practices that ranged from Reiki to Sound Therapy to Tribal Chanting and even spiritual retreats.  I am not suggesting this should be your path or your pursuit, but I have found value in taking the time to step out of my schedule and investigate the practices that cross my path.  

The Benefits of Self-Discovery

My spiritual exploration has helped me learn more about what I am holding onto and explore what is stuck within my mind and sometimes in my body.  If I get lucky during a session or practice, the sources of energy or frequency that are no longer serving me releases.  

Mediation and learned techniques can help me stay present and move out unwanted stories, and memories that attach to feelings or negative energies.  However, I have found heavier energies need more superpowers [aka Lightworkers] to release these stubborn stories or memories that harbor in the corners or are coiled into the fibers of my soul.

The beauty of doing this exploration, regardless of where you are on your journey, is that these activities can clear out space for love, light and higher frequencies.  On a human level, it is still a lot for me to get my head around. I must share that this is often not a “one and done,” when it comes to cleansing the negativity to make room for light and joy. These spiritual clearings are multi-dimensional and multi-lifetime. 

How Do I Start?

If you are thinking, yes, JJ, I need this; then you are probably filled with questions. Where do I start? How do I find Lightworkers that can help me?  My initial advice is to explore mindfulness to help you get present. Once you accept the need to find more joy I find that just on time, the Universe often provides opportunities to connect and align with new activities. This was how I ended up with Paula!

But, I will admit, I do not think I would have found Paula if I was multi-tasking when listening to a webinar or stepping out for multiple calls and emails when at a retreat. I have learned that I must slow down and be present. It is truly one of the greatest gifts you can give yourself. 

What I Have Learned So Far

I have learned through my own self-discovery that I, like many of us, carry various levels of loathing, frustrations, and guilt can often impact our self-worth, self-esteem and ultimately our actions.  What I am sure of, is that you must Do the Work to clean out your container (aka body). 

What can you release emotionally and spiritually to create space for more love and light?

  • What emotionally ties you down?
  • What are you carrying that you can release?
  • Who is cording into you that needs to let go?
  • What is happening with you spiritually?
  • What are you ready to jump into or align with but something is holding you back?

Raising your level of joy and spiritual frequency takes time. I have found that there is no real end point, yet a trajectory of milestones and learnings that enlighten and align you to light and love which starts from the inside. 

I am honored that so many Lightworkers have crossed my path.  Many of them have offered awareness or assistance to remove unwanted energies that have allowed me to level-up my intention to increase my frequency. 

With a new found level of awareness and presence, I notice little things each day appear before me such as book titles, people and even invitations.  Some could say I was looking for them, but I would say they have always been there, and I am now starting to notice them.

MY MOTTO: Change Your Focus, Align Your Actions, Step Into Your Light

Words of Advice

  • Being genuine and present
  • As always, honor your inner compass
  • This work can be insightful, interesting and at times, exhausting 

I love Jay from Aquarian Insight advice, “do not give up your power to anything or anyone.” 

With love and awareness, my Lightworkers have come through trusted sources and vetted paths.  I encourage you to do your research, ask people you love and be your own advocate.  If something feels off, honor your light AND remove yourself from the situation.  Do not stay because you feel bad or you may hurt another person’s feelings.  Honor you, your light and your existence!

I encourage you to love yourself enough to do the work of self-discovery so that you can release and embrace your inner light.

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