Living alcohol free is absolutely magical, but it doesn’t feel that way at first.

When I first quit drinking, I had a lot of fears.

MostlyI feared that life after booze would be boring.

I was terrified that I would lose friends. 

The truth is, my early sobriety was pretty boring.

I tucked in bed early on most days.

I avoided many social gatherings.

I immersed myself in books, podcasts, blogs, and education on alcohol. 

I didn’t know how to have fun without alcohol.

I only knew how to be a party girl, with a permanent drink in my hand. 

I had a big fear of missing out on fun.

My friendships changed too.

Everyone, including my closest friends, were unsure how to support me. 

We always drank together.

What now?

I was itchy in my new alcohol free costume.

I was becoming a new person.

I was taking off the mask of alcohol in my 40’s.

I had worn this cover up since my teen years.

I didn’t know the alcohol free me yet and the in between was twitchy and uncomfortable.

I was wobbly in my new identity. 

I stressed over telling people that I wasn’t going to drink alcohol at this event or the next.

It was incredibly hard to ditch the drink and come out as my new alcohol free self.

Over time, however, by tuning in instead of numbing out with alcohol, I got to know myself. 

Day by day my confidence grew.

I got to know what I genuinely enjoyed, now that I wasn’t drinking to tolerate even the worst of situations.

It turns out, I hate small talk, but I love to dance.

I am not a fan of babysitting adults, but I can laugh around a campfire until the wee hours of the morning. 

I am a lot of fun, but fun doesn’t look exactly like it used to.

I love reading, puzzles, movies and Scrabble.

This IS fun to me.

I also love live music, late nights boat rides, fancy dinners, and beachside vacations.

I love being free, and feeling good.

I love feeling empowered to do whatever I want in life.

I do not need a substance for artificial courage to do any of it. 

Getting to know myself in sobriety has been the best potion of all.

Being in alignment with myself is the most magical way to be.

As a Certified Professional Recovery Coach, I guide high achievers to their own magic daily.

I’d love to help you too. 

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