Getting through the Christmas holidays when you are no longer Christian but your family is very “Christian” ~. I’ve seen many posts like this one ?Does this sound like you? ~?

~I was raised Christian but I pretty much renounced religion a long time ago. Now that I’m “spiritual”, my mom thinks I summon demons with my tarot decks and my crystals… says that if I don’t repent, I’ll burn in hell for eternity.

How can you make someone realize that you don’t believe in those things anymore?? How can you be afraid of a place that doesn’t exist (to you)?

Does anyone else feel like they’re “in the closet” because you’re afraid of what your Christian family members will say to you?

~Hey! Deni here,? Thank you for sharing! I too was raised Christian. Many Christian religions teach that if ‘they’ are not Christian, they are Pagan, therefore a servant of the Devil. This is what you are dealing with. Unfortunately, many Religions create separation. Let it go. I tell fellow Christians – what would Jesus do? He sat with the poor, whores, and tax collectors and didn’t admonish them. You should follow his example. I personally set my goals based on his example and the principles of the Mastermind.

I have been a minister and Reverend for over 30 years. I was commissioned into the joy of serving and guiding others to let go of the resistance and discover this powerful unseen part of them. I help people from all over the world accelerate their personal and spiritual growth.

If your family is..say, Born Again, allow the Spirit of Born Again into your Being. Connect only on the highest level. If they judge, only refer to scripture – it is written….and feel free to quote scripture. Separate yourself (your hurts, self doubts, mind) from what is written.
You know it. It is already in your memories. It is a part of you.
Learn to integrate it instead of resisting it!
When you go to family gatherings, do not go in with the energy of – ‘I’m afraid of what my Christian family members will say.’ In this state, you give them your power. Do you feel this? If you do, you’ve discovered something profound. ?

Spiritual means you are connected to the same consciousness Jesus referred to as ~ the Kingdom of the Heavens within~. Step into and claim this for yourself. You must go in! <3
You, not the human part of you, ? but the YOU, larger unseen part of you, ? is Christ Consciousness. Move from this space only. Do not react to any buttons that they try to push. Pay attention of all of your feelings without feeding your emotions to them. Give those emotional reactions to this Kingdom of the Heavens within. It defuses immediately. ?

Know that science is just now understanding what Jesus meant! This Kingdom of the Heavens within is a frequency that science is only recently calling ‘coherence’.

You create this frequency. ?

However, it is the easiest, scariest, hardest thing to do! You must let go of who you think you are, and become who you are.

Trust the Kingdom of the Heavens within! In this space, you do not need anyone’s approval. Just be amazing! ?????

Blessings to you and yours during this Christmas Season! May the blessings stay as the season passes. ???