So often tough, hard, unimaginable things happen in our lives and we find ourselves in a place of trying to explain “the why” to a child, to a friend or even to ourselves and we just can’t seem to get there.

This past year has been filled with many of these circumstances.

Yet, we often can’t find the words. 

We don’t know why this experience had to happen, but the truth is… it has and we seek answers, resolution, and healing.

Answers aren’t always easy to come by, especially with the incredibly tough experiences we face.

A few years ago, a friend’s friend took her own life and my friend called me to ask my guidance on how to explain it to her children. My response was,

“Get to the truth through maybes…”

“Maybe she was ill.” 
“Maybe he misunderstood.” 
“Maybe he was in a very tough place.” 
“Maybe she had a hard time talking about her feelings.” 
“Maybe she felt really alone and didn’t realize so many people loved her.”

The powerful use of the “maybe” is that we can use that maybe as a launching pad for a meaningful discussion with our loved one.

“Maybe she had a hard time talking about her feelings. Would you like to talk about your hurt feelings? I want you to know you are not alone and that I love you.”

The “maybe” is simple.

The “maybe” is powerful.

The “maybe” will help you heal your heart by allowing it to explore the reasons and the whys it had to happen.

There is rarely one answer to any question. 

Why should these tough questions be any different?

Allow that “maybe” to help your heart release its attachment to one answer or reason but rather to be healed through detaching to any particular answer.

Maybe there is more than one answer and more than one way to heal. 

Maybe it just takes time. 

Join me for today’s meditation, Getting to the truth through maybe, to begin to release your attachments and welcome in incredible healing into your heart.