Thoughts on Honesty

Honesty is not just the best policy, it is a way of living and interacting with others. Honesty is not always easy or comfortable, but it is simple. Honesty is the hallmark of integrity. When a person does what they say and says what they do, they act with integrity. A person with integrity can be trusted to always act with transparency guided by truth.

In no business endeavor is honesty, integrity, and transparency more paramount than in financial consulting and management firms. Ghazaleh Ebrahimi, a financial broker and newly appointed Managing Director at Aegis Capital, has spent thirty years building her reputation for honesty as she has served clients and employers in various capacities. Integrity is at the core of her personal value system in business and in life. Her transparent interactions with her clients has won her their trust and loyalty and has garnered the highest accolades from the executives at Aegis Capital.

More than simply the absence of lying and deceit, honesty involves trustworthiness, loyalty, fairness, and sincerity. Ghazaleh has delved deeply into the characteristics of honesty and offers the following insights into this crucial aspect of moral living.


To be trustworthy is to be dependable and reliable. A trustworthy individual maintains confidentiality. One can confide in a person they trust and know that person will protect their confidence. A person of trust acts responsibly in relation to everyone involved in a transaction. Such a person is ethical, knowing the difference between right and wrong and always standing up for what is right. A trusted person is upright, conscientious, and honorable in every situation. One who is worthy of another’s trust is true in adhering to a strict moral code. Their conduct is above reproach.


In a culture of instant fads and celebrity worship, loyalty is a diminishing commodity, yet true loyalty is a cherished attribute in a friend, a mentor, and an advisor. To be loyal is to be faithful in unwavering devotion. One who is loyal is truehearted. A loyal relationship is one of commitment. A loyal person honors obligations and fulfills commitments regardless of the personal cost. A loyal partner seeks the welfare of the other over personal gain. A country needs loyal citizens, a business needs loyal employees and customers, and everyone needs loyal family and friends.


While one may not have a ready definition for fairness, everyone recognizes when they are being treated fairly. A person who is fair-minded abides by recognized standards. One who treats others fairly does not seek personal advantage at the disadvantage of others. To be fair is to be free of self-interest, prejudice, or favoritism. To act fairly is to seek justice and behave appropriately for the circumstances.


When a person acts without pretense or deceit, they act with sincerity. One is sincere when they approach others with genuineness and authenticity. The opposite of sincerity is hypocrisy. To be sincere is to offer no falsification or exaggeration. A sincere action is devotion without misgiving or reservation.


A personal culture of honesty creates an atmosphere of trust and confidence that enables a relationship to thrive and reach its greatest potential. When a relationship, either professional or personal, is free of conflict and fear, marvelous advantages accrue to both parties. Ghazahel demonstrates her personal honesty in her unerring social responsibility to both her clients and the firm she represents. Consistency and truth are the pillars of her personal philosophy. Honesty is the standard that permeates everything Ghazahel Ebrahimi does in both her professional and personal life.