It’s true that new moms have a lot going on than you may know. For instance, they may be adjusting to their new life and that might create a whole lot of chaos. Imagine of the holiday chaos that occur during the Christmas season plus a new mom’s readjustment, there is a possibility that your new mom buddy might could use little breather.

A gift box can be something that brings smile to her face and peace to her heart- and it’s upon you to decide which gift your loved one or friend will appreciate during the Christmas holidays as the embark on a stressful yet exciting journey of motherhood.

Choosing the best Christmas gift for your new mom friend can be overwhelming. On one hand, you’ll want to get her something special to ease the burden of her new stressors and on the other you want to encourage her to regain bits of her pre-mommy self. Below are some of the Christmas gift ideas for new mothers.

1.      Coffee Mug

If you know a new mother who can’t do without coffee, the best gift you can get her this festive season is a coffee mug. It is the perfect way to make her smile again.

2.      Breast Pump

A new mom will require some essential to help her raise her new bundle of joy. A good breast pump will ensure that she gets the chance to go out shopping, or attend those late night dinner dates without having to worry about her baby starving.

3.      Breakfast table

While you can get a new mom a breakfast-in-bed tray- a breakfast table would be better. The reason while a new mom is recovering from childbirth, there is plenty of sitting in bed or on the couch. And if she wants her coffee to avoid coffee spillages every time she moves or her laptop to stop overheating on her laps, a breakfast table would be a gift she’d appreciate.

4.      Pressure Cooker

If you know of a new mom who love cooking and would still make dinner for her family despite having had her first born child- a pressure cooker as a gift would bring peace to her heart. This miracle kitchen appliance is a great piece for her because it will make it easy to prepare a healthy meal for her beloved family.

5.      Wine Glass

If your new mom is a drinker, chances are that she’s missed a full glass of wine with her best friends while pregnant. The next time you pay a visit to her this Christmas holiday, be sure to gift her glass of wine to let her know you truly understand her struggle.