Being a tom boy is no one’s choice. It just happnes. You just are born that way and science has already gone to explain that tom boys have more testosterone levels that their girly counterparts and therefore they cannot be blamed for how they behave or how they seem.

If the boy does not love you, just leave him

Being a tom boy does not mean that you are a lesbian though society might want to ridicule you for the manly mannerisms that you show. But hey, you are not to blame. You were born that way and you need not apologize or even explain how you are to anyone.

At the same time relating to boys might be hard because they do not understand why you tend to be so manly but hey, you just need to live your life. If the boy you like does not seem to understand that you were born that way, avoid them.

You do not have to wear girly clothes you are uncomfortable in

You see people want you to wear clothes that they believe belong to your gender. They want you to carry these laptop backpack for women but on the other hand, you are not comfortable doing so. So do you have to wear skimpy dresses and all that because they demand it. No, you wear what you want and carry the type of bag that you want to carry with you.

When the other girls tell you off, avoid them

Life is too short to entertain people who feel that you do not belong on their circle. If your female girlfriends do not want to be associated with you because you tend to be more manly and all that, avoid them. You do not have to life a plastic lifestyle just to please people. Please yourself and ignore everything else.