We all know social media is a very powerful tool.  It allows us to reach audiences across the globe, and gives us the power to engage with them instantly.  It allows us to network and collaborate with other entrepreneurs and businesses, and also tap into their audiences.  It also gives us a way to portray ourselves as authority figures in our areas of expertise, and leave behind a digital legacy.  But this is only the case for the 2% that know how to navigate and use these platforms effectively. Want to learn how to become one of the 2%? This is where Giselle Mascarenhas comes in.

Advocating for the power in using social media as a personal branding tool to forge personal connections with target audiences, Giselle created the Bold Instatute. With over 12 years of experience as a publicist, Giselle lives and breathes personal branding and communication, using this skill set to become a personal branding coach.  Giselle specialises in coaching entrepreneurs who haven’t yet fully embraced social media, particularly those not born into the age of the internet and social platforms.  

Giselle leads the Bold Instatute with both a mission and a purpose: by providing the solution to the constant pain point of how to build influence and create a community across a social platform. “It’s about extracting the magic from people, and using it to create a culture based on their customer’s shared values,” Giselle says. Giselle teaches all of her clients how to create consistency with their use of social media, and shows them how to create meaningful content within only a couple of hours each month, and how to effectively engage with their audiences within only a few minutes each day.  “Another way I encourage late adapters to use social media as a branding tool is by emphasising the legacy they can leave behind for future generations,” says Giselle.

The Bold Instatute’s client base are usually over the 55 years of age mark, and have achieved enormous success in their lives, but they really struggle when it comes to social media. Aside from giving them the tools to navigate social media learning curves, Giselle works with her clients to overcome the all too common fear of not having any privacy mindset when it comes to social media. Showing them how to create just enough personal content to still retain their privacy, Giselle also shows her student’s how to utilise this to create an impact on future generations.  “The beauty of social media is that it can be passed down,” Giselle says.  “These clients are incredibly wise, and intelligent, and have tremendous amounts of successful achievements that transforms into people being able to learn greatness directly from them through becoming accessible via social media, and being able to create interactive engagement.”

The Bold Instatute showcases the formidable results of a generation needing to learn to adapt to social media, as opposed to their younger entrepreneurial counterparts who were born into the age of social media platforms. Instead of simply trying to beat or join them at their own game, the Bold Instatute instils patience, enthusiasm, and investment in their clients’ success, and aid them in showcasing the wisdom that comes with age for future generations.