doing for someone

It’s easy to be a taker in today’s world. We are surrounded by things that we want, and more things come out daily. We get bogged down by wanting and obsessing over the next great thing to buy. And we start expecting things from others because of the good feelings it brings to get something that we want. But a taker personality is shallow, and eventually, getting things doesn’t fulfill us. And we may push people away by wanting so much from them.

You can move from a taker relationship to a giving relationship by doing these easy things.

1) Send Out Cards To People

Sending out cards to people is a beautiful way of giving back. There are so many occasions that warrant a card. Death, sickness, birthdays, anniversaries, accidents, births, promotions, and the list could go on and on. You can buy cards in packs cheap, or you can even make your own cards, which is even more special. Start sending out cards, and you will feel blessed knowing you have touched someone’s life.

2) Make a Phone Call

Call someone today! Just like with cards, there are so many reasons to pick up the phone. You can even call someone for no particular reason except to say hello. You will brighten someone’s day by remembering them. Just pick up the phone!

3) Visit someone

There are so many reasons to visit someone, just like sending cards or making phone calls. Visiting someone is extra special because they know you are taking time out of your busy day to bless someone with your presence. You can even visit just to say hello. You will give your time to someone who may desperately need it and, in return, bless your own life, knowing that you did some good for someone else.

4) Take Someone Out to Eat

If you have some extra money, take someone out to eat for a meal. You will get someone out of the house and give them something they may need, companionship. You may also bless someone who may not have the money to eat, which will be a special occasion for them. You can take them out for a special occasion or for no particular reason at all. Bless someone’s life today with a meal out.

5) Make a Meal and Take it to Them

One easy way to bless someone’s life is to make them a homemade meal and take it to them. You could do it for illness, death of a loved one, birthday, promotion, the birth of a child, or just because you want to show that you care. You can make it even easier by just cooking extra when you are cooking for your family and wrap up the extra. You can even do this for a week in a row, which makes it a beneficial thing for a birth or a death in the family or after someone has surgery. You will relieve them of the burden of cooking during a challenging time.

These are some easy ways to bless someone’s life and give back to someone. You will find as time goes on that giving feels better than receiving, and you will want to do it more often. Be a giver and not a taker, and bless the world today!