“I give myself permission to suck. I find that hugely liberating.” – John Green.

We are all hard on ourselves for so many different reasons. For not living up to the standards of life, For not being able to achieve great things in life, For not being the perfect version of what society expects us to be. From Self-help books to several motivational videos on the Internet, everything teaches us to be productive, work hard, earn more and achieve more. Coming across all this stuff, I felt gaslighted.

Is it a crime to fail? Is it too much to ask for a job without pressure? Is it unwise to lead a modest life?

These questions kept looming over my head. We live by the unrealistic standards set by the people in social media. By doing this, we are putting ourselves in a constant state of anxiety and unwanted stress. Do we deserve this? or is this the way life is meant to be lived in this era?

The light at the end of the tunnel:

While in pursuit of answers to these questions, I happened to hear a podcast. That changed my perspective. It is said, “What you seek is seeking you.” As the proverb goes, in my quest, I found the answers in that podcast. It was as if I was predetermined to hear it.

The podcast is named “Defeating Anxiety Using Subconscious Power.” The title sounded to me as if it could help me with my crisis. In this podcast, the host discusses with Lyn Macpherson the several issues that caused a spike in anxiety and depression in today’s generation. Lyn Macpherson, a ThreeBestRated clinical hypnotherapist, points to the effect of social media as a prime reason behind all this distress.

The effect of social media

We are all different people on social media. People are influenced by the unrealistic standards set by the medium. Most people who think of life on social media as an ideal life are the ones who fall as victims of it. It’s like we lost the connection to the real world.

Ever since social media invaded our lives, we lost having actual conversations with people. We are always on mobile phones and tabs chatting online. It has seriously led to isolation in real life.

Apart from social media, we are living a fast-paced life. We seldom get time to do what satisfies us. We put ourselves in a constant state of unrest just because we aren’t feeling successful enough. It is like you work hard to the best of your abilities yet, you are made to feel it is not good enough. We fail to acknowledge these things. We are made to think this is how life works in this age. It leads to self-doubt and several other mental illnesses.

What is the way out?

We rarely realize these things. People nowadays have come in to accept the suffering. Stress kills. Living with it, knowingly, could be fatal. Most people do not come to terms with these problems. Even if they do, they are reluctant to get themselves to therapy. The stigma around getting treatment for mental health has not changed yet.

The power of the subconscious mind

Unlike psychological or psychiatric treatments, Hypnotherapy harnesses the power of our subconscious mind to help us achieve what we need. It could also help us in healing so quickly. What could be achieved in conventional therapy methods through 400-500 sessions can be easily achieved by Hypnotherapy in barely 4-5 sessions. The success rate is pretty high in Hypnotherapy. For the ones who are still holding themselves from going to therapies, Hypnotherapy could be a wonderful choice.

It is okay to fail sometimes. It is okay not to be super successful. Don’t be so hard on yourself. It is okay to lead a modest life.