Have you realized how we are all living life in the fast lane? We are always in a hurry. We jump out of bed and rush to work. Then we leave work and rush home. We rush in the kitchen to prepare our meals. Sometimes we even rush eating our meals. We rush to the bathroom so that we don’t waste any time. We are constantly in a hurry to get to places. Then when things go wrong in life or when we get hurt, we wish for a quick bandaid, because we want to feel better in no time. Although we live life this way, life does not respond in the same matter. We need time. Time to get back up. Time to restart. Time to heal. Bandaids don’t heal wounds. Bandaids only protect wounds. In order to heal we need acceptance, forgiveness, patience and discernment.
Accept that everything happens for a reason.
Forgive whomever hurt you.
Be patient with yourself and the process.
Use discernment to make new choices.
Everything will fall back into place at it’s own time. And above all LOVE! LOVE yourself, LOVE others and LOVE life! Don´t be in a rush to heal! Give yourself time!