Joanne Mantis

As a professional leader, every move you make is crucial to the success of your company. This includes formulating your team and making sure they are operating efficiently and effectively. When something is occurring that you want to be changed, your duty as leader of your business is to speak up and put in place the necessary changes. You can do this by giving effective feedback to your team members that is both stern but encouraging. Below, we will look at some of the different ways professionals can provide effective feedback, as featured in an Atlanta Small Business Network article.

Be clear and concise on what it is you desire to accomplish

The worst way to deliver feedback is by calling an employee into a meeting and immediately berating them on what they did wrong without context or supporting background information. This creates a situation where someone might feel attacked, and they will immediately become defensive. It is a much better idea to explain your reasoning for speaking with them from the start, be clear on your expectations and brace your employees for what you are about to say.

Remember to possess accountability within yourself

While it is true that employees are responsible for the actions they take, as leader of the company, you are also responsible for the actions everyone takes. Your team is a reflection of your trust and competence, so it is never fair to place all the blame on them for any wrongdoings. You should lead by example and take responsibility for the situation. This will show that you hold yourself and your team to a very high standard and believe everyone can work more innovative and more challenging. 

Prioritize the improvement of your employees

Ensure that your team knows that you care about their personal growth and improvement at the end of the day. You never want your feedback to come off as selfish and not understanding. This is why it is recommended to include their great performances along with what you would like them to change. By doing this, you avoid making them feel a sense of shame, which can lead to them completely blocking out your message.