Science has conquered the mystery of Love. It discovered that ‘Love is nourishment – like air, food and water’. That explains why we need it so much! The pioneering, science-based and research-validated theory of love is called “You Are Born to Be Loved”. Global Human Development, Inc. has embarked on a campaign to bring this new information to every human being, making sure that everyone has access to all the love they need and deserve. Be on the lookout for a lot more information about Love in the weeks and months to come. The implications and applications of this theory are many; child development, parenting, marriage, divorce prevention, self-improvement, health and wellbeing, aging, corporate wellness, as well as to psychotherapy and modern medicine. Do you think it is possible to inspire and teach people around you to love you more? Unconditionally? The answer is YES!

We offer you a science-based, researched supported, theory of love that breaks the mold of what you think love is. It has taught thousands of people the steps necessary to bring more love into their lives, while healing or improving their most important relationships – the one with themselves and their loved ones.

Any question you may have regarding this educational campaign or topic – we will respond to you within a week.  Please direct questions or comments to – [email protected]  

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