We don’t want to take any more than we need for our basic needs, for everyone’s sustenance.  The economy has been the measurement of individual and collective success, now that this standard is gone how do we measure?  We now measure and have value based upon how each one brings the basic needs for the good of humanity.  How we may fill our free time with the appreciation of building our connection for a good society with a goal progressing towards providing a higher state for integral humanity.  One where we do not deplete nature or fill it with stinky pride.

We will be busy working on building the correct, complete connections, as one man with one heart for all nations.  That all around the planet we will be able to get rid of our weapons, just as this virus came and subjugated all.  The next viruses, if we don’t listen, could bring us destruction appearing from the depth of nature.  We must seek to have the balance of good and darkness.  We have created a false scale, that the one who enjoys more for self is the one who becomes greater, at the expense of others, emanating into the scale of the whole.  This scale has now changed from the coronavirus, something which we brought upon ourselves from our mistreatment of ourselves as a whole.

When the biological particle comes and moves us apart, it forces us to change our biological status as well.   When it clothes within us, it influences our line of thought, bringing far reaching results.  Even though it is biological, it influences us on the human level of behavior, how can we each now choose to act differently?  The choice of actions towards people is nature, it is our nature naturally to be against others, we must be willing to rise above our collective internal desire to destroy as we overlook the larger picture of society.  By the disorder we insert into this mechanism, it responds, coming toward us, being reflected from within to the external as crimes against nature.   Against the natural order of process for all creation.

No longer can we ignore the values of the heart, being influenced by blows as being egoistic beings.  Nature will teach us and educate us, this is how we educate our children, we apply pressure to change, if they don’t change, we apply more pressure.  Nature has many ways to apply this pressure for us to change if we do not listen, same as we have for our children.  Things will be grim if we do not rise above living in our lives differently, just the same for children’s growth in understanding and application.  

This is a new area where we must change our attitude towards others, we don’t need big revolutions, just the change from within to give a balanced existence for all from the level of the government.  Built on equality of priority of importance for the integral global society, those who build the crops, the teachers, the doctors, construction workers, only necessary professions.  For each to receive the same provisions with all utilities and services required for free.  People participate in work, each according to his profession, according to what he can, being divided into basic needs for anyone.  Anything beyond this destroys nature by taking more than we need, thus reflecting imbalance against nature’s process.  Not communism, but a social order which is in balance with nature.  It is not similar in any way, communism was building on the basis of forcefully inserting with the intention to raise their pride and control of rule as shown by the end result, not for the altruistic measure to provide for the whole world which would show a different and positive end result.

What all of humanity needs is not praised or condemned, so let us ask together, what is needed for all of humanity? What is the incentive to work if not money?  The attitude of society towards them, the inner incentives from nature for one who is connected and receives from nature in a balanced way, one feels the ability to be a part of the larger movement of the whole world.

The desire to receive for self is a thief as it is accustomed to work against the desire for all of humanity.  Thus when we served others in the past, we have not observed pleasure, yet now we must learn this is where the true joy exists from within.  Once we realize joy can be released into society through the interaction with connection between others for the purpose of provisions for the whole of integral nature.  We then will be able to taste this joy as we agree to work above the normal resistance to adjust to the change from within each one of us.

When we receive for one’s own benefit we cancel the benefit for others.  The world is created on and in opposites, one rises, the other falls.  We find it is not easy to submit to this process of maintaining balance, for one must strain oneself in this world regardless of the topic.  We will receive some sort of pleasure in some subject matter, regardless.  Thus we must seek the pleasure in working for the work of receiving to give to others.  This is an example of nature.

We cannot receive an answer to our cry for not feeling good, if we do not also seek some sort of equivalence of desire to wake up and understand what the bad is, along with how and what we must do to remove it. Thus then being able to feel in its place the opposite, the vitality to assume the burden of the work for others only in every detail.  As we seek and apply this daily and at every moment, we in turn reveal the process which is our part to regain the loss we had previously imparted.

Then we shall connect with the delight in the work instead of the beginning act as seeing compulsory, only due to us not understanding why in its full extent as we must begin by just accepting it in our hearts.  As like a child who takes the instruction of its parent without the understanding, which then comes later through experience of years and years.  We must relate to each one  than ourselves

If we sit and contemplate how to work with the whole world on an equal basis, we will receive the connection between them and you.  If we do not we will receive the opposite.  How to relate to all, how do we receive into this vessel the connection for all ? We will be heard and awaken the desire from deep within, to hasten the process of the gap between all the points of connection.

We are to form new relationships and not return to the old states from before.  Not to reopen stores and excessive manufacturers or production just to allow things to move.  There must be a shift in the intention behind why we do things in order for the things we do to change.  This is the process through which we will begin to taste the true purpose of this reality.  This is the way to reach success for the legacy through this generation for the purpose of all future generations.

Unless we demand such things from within each one, reeducating society on the shift of importance, we will not ever receive them.  We want to feel each and everyone in life, that we are in truth of purpose and we should not ever trade this truth for anything else.  Not everyone is admitted at once, but everyone is tested to feel their layer of the desire for adhesion to the balance of nature.  We are given foreign thoughts and desires that must be chosen to overcome.  

Together, through the greatness established between us, we will overcome the hardships and disturbances,learning not to be easily repelled.  Choosing not to move from the place of connection in truth to the integral balance of all.  We will overcome seeming rejections which are revealed, thus persevering knowing the end goal, we invest strength and forces to reach the form of balanced state for the world.  

Exertion, quantity times quality, after filling the right amount of exertion we will attain adhesion, a multi-layered process of climbing up the ladder of such degrees, covered by the trials of exertion and perseverance.  Thus our example of relationships of all levels, where many have been removed from the truth of the perseverance in the process by choosing separation.  We must seek to enter back into these given scenarios, within a new environment that we are given to learn and grow in how to overcome our own ego for this is what separates the whole of humanity individually and collectively.  

How we choose to position ourselves in quantitative exertion and qualitative exertion, according to the actual force behind, the intention, our exertions. The more we work, the seeming sufferings accumulate until we reach a certain state of acceptance and release, in order to move through the torments of hate or love.  Until we find a correct place or locate a place for the love to be revealed.  Our scrutiny is are these exertions in order to receive for self or are they in order to receive to give to another.  

Here is where the conclusions are created and manifested as consequences.  There is a full measure, quota, which must be attained before the ability to move over and above to the next degrees we must reach, either through the deficiency or the fulfillment.  This is how we advance, out of ourselves into the process being hastened through our choice of participation in the natural procedures provided within the system we exist within. We check the result by who’s advancement is it for, the intention behind every subject matter and every detail therein. Thus the extensive length of process and details in exertions.  

Exertion is something we wish to add in the work, from ourselves, that we wish to come closer to the truth.  Love is as strong as death, the servitude must be from love to such a degree of adhesion reflecting complete servitude.  

Now that we have been given time to slow down, we can begin to decipher how to bring balance to ourselves, which then in turn reflects out into the environment immediately surrounding us, then out into the greater parts of humanity as we move through our day.  Every action is carried out through its intention, through the circles we have been surrounded by, progressively integrating and growing into new groups which also keep the same intentions for society as a whole.  Integral movement for an integrated society, as much as we feel the compression through the opposites in our connection we are coming closer to the truth.  These seeming torments bring us out of ourselves and into the progressively revealed goal.  This is the ongoing life purpose, it does not end.  

The humans are seemingly the slowest learners as we can see by the pattern of growth from birth to walking, from walking to running, to applying motor skills etc.  In the animal kingdom, they almost come out running, with purpose for survival.  Our survival is based upon different requirements, refinement of our intentions, that which the animal segment does not have the option to partake in.  We are to find and apply the integral connection for others, over and above the importance of self serving interests.

The coronavirus is sneaky, we have already seen the pattern that it will come and go, just as we have seen the pattern of the viruses emerging in different countries. These viruses exist endlessly in  nature, we will not rise against them unless we are in balance with nature’s integral process of provision.