The limited vacancy of an exclusive two hour time slot portrays a clear vision of a skyscraper filled downtown ‘Chicago’ with a stunning arrival (and feature) of a beautifully beaming, fancily chic, decadently clad, dressed Jennifer Hudson in an off white, tope, beige gown, on top of a multi tiered riverboat, powerfully stealing the first few uniquely available, memorable minutes of ‘Global Citizen’s’ late Saturday night, popularly network branded, advertised ‘Global Unite’ television special.

Already, poetically tugging at the heartstrings through the continuously growing, natural purpose and the power of song, two trending causes conveniently merge into one, raising an endless number of voices that effortlessly lift up together in unison through the simultaneously active, meaningful version of a formal, professional choir. 

Indescribable leadership perhaps best surmises a picture that is worth a thousand words, admittedly, a carefully worded, guided term taken for granted. This is a further, provable, significant statement leaning towards the stronger definition of a supportive journey, the long awaited, anticipated referral of a ‘work in progress.’

With a view of a virtual, city bound, on screen postcard, impressively choreographed, pre ‘Fourth Of July’ summer vibes lead into a renewable, attainable, growing level of hope.

An achievable narrative is the dedicated tale of time, only a synchable role that pertains to true, like minded, passionate writers and storytellers, turned motivated grassroots advocates promoting justice whilst bravely baring notably decorated signs and masks.

Difficult subjects to talk about often, easily leverage with the distinctly familiar sounds of commonality and community, sung from deep within the heart. Fellow artists join the lineup of performers fit for the bill, a remarkably historic occasion. The choice of playing quietly ripped down acoustics or a full bled performance led each to mindfully explore the same conclusion, in other words, a worthy discovery of much needed, individual change, the seamless transition of one period to the next. Talk about a permanent solution. That’s self explainable.