What is gratitude? It is simply being thankful for something. It is being able to appreciate every experience; every touch; every word; every thought and every thing that helped to create your life’s mosaic.

I once believed that negative things happened to me because I had done something wrong.  There seemed to be a trail of things that I had difficulty overcoming. I would cry, pray, and even tried to ignore things but to no avail. Crying never solved anything. Praying, for me was a temporary fix and hiding my head in the sand didn’t help either.

Once I cried, the situation still stared me in the face as I wiped my tears. Once I prayed, I still held onto the situation because I did not put action (or faith) into my prayers. Once I ignored it, the situation became bigger because there was no action. I felt overwhelmed and discouraged.

But one day, I discovered something. As I encouraged others to watch their words and change their thoughts, I realized that I was NOT taking my own advice. I made a conscious decision to look in the mirror and talk to me!!!

I soon learned to practice what I preached! It wasn’t long before I saw what appeared to mountains, shrink into hills. What appeared to be oceans were actually babbling brooks. I soon realized that I had the power to change my existence and I became grateful.

I wrote new affirmations over my life; the same affirmations I was sharing with others, I spoke and wrote over my own life. I found a key to transformation and embraced gratitude. I am still walking this out and the changes are nothing short of amazing for me.

Gratitude is simply being able to recognize that you are still here so you can still live your dreams. You can still help others to live their dreams. You can still make a difference in the present and make an impact on the future.

Gratitude is glorious…if you allow it to have its way. So bathe in the power of gratitude and watch the miraculous appear!


  • Dr. Gail Hayes

    Dr. Gail Hayes

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    Dr. Gail Hayes is a Thought Leader, Executive Leadership Coach and international communicator who has also been called an Executive Whisperer. Her writing has appeared in countless publications to include, Essence Magazine, MSNBC's The Griot, and The Huffington Post. She is an award winning author of numerous books including The Conduct of Queens, The Conduct of Kings, One Minute Success Secrets for Women, The Power of a Woman Who Leads, and The Power of a Parent Who Leads. Although she has lived on three continents, she is quick to let others know that her favorite place on earth is wherever she and her children Joshua and Gabrielle can laugh and love.