I don’t understand haters. People who just can’t say anything nice to other people on social media. Many of which don’t even personally know the person they are hating on. It’s shocking to me. I know there is hate everywhere and it can show itself in incredibly violent ways but, I am not going to take that topic on at this moment. I am talking about social media trolls specifically. I look at the ‘comments’ section on some peoples social media post and the number of individuals who are throwing shade, sharing hate and just in general are writing nasty comments is staggering to me. And it’s a post about a sweater. It’s so weird to me. I know this question is not revolutionary. Why do people feel the need to share their hate? Why do people want to tear other people down? More often than not, it appears to be women throwing shade at other women. Even more sad to me. I saw a celebrity post a photo of themselves with a pie they made for their kids. It was sweet. Lots of their friends and fans commented and said nice things. Encouraging things. Then there were a bunch of people talking about her hair and if she had makeup on and why didn’t she wear something nicer for the photo (all negative). What?! Stop doing that! Go find your happy! You deserve so much better than what you are giving to yourself and to the world! Didn’t your mother ever teach you, that if you don’t have something nice to say…don’t say anything at all! Civility and boundaries. That’s what needs to be put up as guard rails for many. People with too much time on their hands and sitting on the wrong side of where they should be. Sigh. Could we all try to cheer each other on?! The world would be a better place if we could dial back the hate. I know its obvious but there is room for everyone and in particular, women need to be supporting women more. That jealousy and insecurity is toxic. Go for a walk. Say something nice to a stranger. Get off your social media if it is just a place to spew your hate. We want to make room for you but you got to get right with what’s right. Life is short! Go find your happy!