Change Your Life

Goal setting is everywhere in our world. We set 

Goals for the Moon “or” Set yourself a higher goal “is advice you’ve probably already heard dozens of times. However, every year, the same cycle is repeated:” This year, I’ll go to the gym every day “. I will quit smoking this year ”and“ I am going to start my own business ”are several resolutions that most people ignore in late January.

Setting goals is easy. The difficult part is the journey that takes place between setting a goal and achieving it. The higher your goal, the more time and effort it will take to achieve it.

So how do you stay motivated and try your best during this long period? How can you ensure that you will not give up your big ambitions? Below is a proven strategy I learned during my career as an entrepreneur that has produced incredible changes and results for me both in starting and changing a successful business in my personal life.

Change your goals in the system

Goals are powerful long-term motivation tools, but they don’t do very well every day. Say you want to lose 50 pounds over the next six months, but on a busy day you find yourself falling for a burger due to a lunch break on a deadline. As much as you wanted to start your own business, you might be thinking “I’m going to work there tomorrow”, coming home late and tired of my daily work.

A goal leaves too much room for failure. Instead of working on your goals, turn those goals into systems. dhl says Close the time period set in your calendar to do daily tasks on what matters in the long run and you will remove the option to lose.

Do you aim to run a marathon? Put your shoes in front of your bedroom door and go for a run every morning. Do you want to write a book? Wake up an hour earlier than you are currently and write a page a day. Do you dream of starting your own business? Send sales emails to potential customers every Saturday or start creating your product. Do you want to change your diet and lose weight? Plan to eat for the next few months and prepare your meal in advance.

Its as simple as that. By building a good system and focusing on perfection, you will see results over time and work towards your goal. It becomes much easier to follow a system than to get inspired in a big task.

Break your big goal into a small victory
You may have a lofty goal that will take years to achieve. To ensure good motivation over time, break it into small wins. A great way to do this is to create short-term smart goals regularly. Smart goals are:

Specific: What specifically do you want to achieve? Be as specific as possible.
Measurable: Having a measurable goal (how much, how much, how much) helps you track your progress and know when you hit your target.
Achievable: Your goal should be realistically achievable.
Relevant: Is this goal relevant to your larger goal or longer term vision? Is the time or effort worth it?
Deadline: When is the deadline to reach this goal? This will help you prioritize, stay motivated, and feel the excitement of the upcoming target date.
Refine your system as you match your current smart goals which will lead you towards your larger vision. For example, if you plan to complete an IRONMAN in the next two years, running a half marathon in three months is a good first win that will help you stay motivated and can see the next step more easily. Likewise, getting a minimally viable product or convincing a world-class developer to join the team will help you build the next unicorn that you dream of.