It was moving, it was humbling even watching the country celebrate the Fourth of July, whether here in a decorative seaside, actively sun drenched bay front community or over a broadcast’s trafficked airwaves, and exclusivity’s available online streams. 

Sparklers’ effectively blinding bright golden silhouettes perform on the routined whim of tiny appetizer menu options, previewing the night’s grand event, unobstructed three hundred sixty degree glittered fireworks. Boisterously bold color observes a mixed pattern’s strikingly resembled recognition. Post a year covid allowance renewed convincingly trusted, unmasked freedoms for those whom are fully vaccinated. 

Though the pursuit of differential levels of comfort track a population’s data, outdoor activity gladly resumes.

Ageless pride applaudably scatters across a third time’s a charm circled repetition, glancing at costumes’ best beyond energetically synched, tall, white water fountains. Creative, friendly competition turns a united parade impassioned for a day’s festively patriotic, panoramic celebration. Free yesteryear, throwback popsicles and a large choice of prizes excel summer’s necessary refreshments. Classic matching, navy blue star and stripe bean bags add to a favored neighborhood staple.

Honor witnesses significant coastal reveal from New York to Los Angeles’ busily skyline citied views. Spectacular showings include the nation’s capitol, upon the mall’s numerous crowded, strongly reflective, attempted traveled footprints. Signature monuments (the White House, for example) and surrounding LED haloed photography ready opportunities healthily stand aglow, effervescently displayed amidst an administration’s positively dedicated, presentable change. With transitions’ greetings, a sense of relief welcomes a period in extended wellness.

Not a frivolous cloud in the sky, cooperative weather happily radiates, shining from the apparent dawn until dusk, a mirror of detailed perfection. The poetry of a weekend’s inifite movement inspires possibilities’ accelerated start.